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We like just like the Animals in the Jungle can feel an EARTHQUAKE before it starts…..I think the WRITING ISDIS ON THE WALL, for the Forthcoming Presidential FAUX ELESTIONS…..Warren,” I wish he’d kick the bucket” Buffet, let the cat out of the bag today & said Hillary Clinton….AKA Miss Congeniality, NOT….is Running & Will WIN….he is betting on it….And as many of you know The Big Money Bastards Rig these Elections….Yea you can vote ….who’s counting them (Stalin said that)?


You know I don’t put much credibility in coincidences happening by random chance…Has everyone heard of the new TV…Series, “Madam Secretary?” Now if that’s not a Propaganda Piece , I’ll kiss your WIFE….It’s also sending a subliminal message to the “dumb & pathetically STUPID in this Country….This is PATHATIC….yet it is…..

And in the OTHER CORNER, Wearing a seersucker suit we have the next RINO, PICKED TO LOSE….JEB BUSH….I don’t know about the rest you, but if I live to be 120 years old I would be perfectly & happy if I “NEVER” heard the BUSH or CLINTON name again….Come on people this is the BEST we have….LORD we are so screwed…..It doesn’t get much worse than this….Does SUICIDE have to be this painful…apparently is is….


Why doesn’t the general public understand, that this old corrupt Government makes deals with the Devil , himself….People like Buffet, Soros or the New World Order Group, are calling these shots….We don’t have control over anything , except our bowel movements, but not to worry the liberals are working on that & a Flatulence Tax….We best take RED BEANS off our diet…And maybe that explains why this Government is in bed with MEXICO, by allowing all of the illegals….Mexican food=.Methane= tax revenue….And if you had , diaherra would that be a Revenue Stream….NEVERMIND…

Meanwhile back at the ranch, most people know that it was SOROS that made the deal to get OBAMA….The Muslim POS….and that next time would be Hillary’s turn…..And if you have an electorate that are the Siamese Triplets….Deaf, Dumb & Blind this is what you get….Is this the RISE & FALL OF THE EAGLE?… You tell me….Until then stay tuned to your favorite Propaganda Channel & PRETEND that this is a real election & people not computers REALLY COUNT your vote….BTW, “ THE RACE IS ON” …well not really, ain’t life great on “Fantasy Island?”


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