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In a world full of “Illusions & Delusions” we have present day AMERICA….Ask yourself this: What is America? Is this the same country that Fought HITLER in WWII? Is it for better or worse? Do you think those who we (supposedly) ELECT are Honest & Trustworthy? And what do you think about LIBERALISM or rather COMMUNISM? Do you have any idea about what constitutes a Dictatorship or an Authoritarian Government?….How about Fascism or Socialism? And honestly do you REALLY think we are FREE? Have you ever given any thought to the IDEA, that this is an ILLUSION? That this (whatever it is) is the product of decades of Behavior Modification & Propaganda?….

Well if you still believe in the Tooth Fairy, The Wizard of OZ & Shangri-La I’m wasting my time on you…..

However, if you’ve pondered weak & weary the questions above, like I have….the tell me this….How the hell do we FIX this Frankenstein Monster we either helped create or did nothing to stop….

This Present Regime or Communist Dictatorship & its Banana Republic Queen are driving us off the edge of the CLIFF & like Lemmings…. We seem far too eager to jump, comply or turn a Blind Eye to this Fiasco in the making….Well we do bitch a bit…..but do we do anything pertinent or relevant to stopping the Profuse Bleeding…..NO….No…No…

What is wrong with this picture….are we AFRAID of this Government….It would seem so…sadly…..This Government SELLS FEAR to CONTROL US….What do you think the Terrorist Group ISIS represents? What do you think all of the Illegals coming into this country are all about? And what do you think the EBOLA Virus is all about? And what do you think the CIA, the IRS, the NSA & the FBI are all about?…..Ask yourself this : are they REALLY protecting the American public from the So-Called BAD GUYS….Or is it they are PROTECTING this GOVERNMENT & all the PARASITES feeding off of it from YOU & ME? I contend it’s the latter….

IMO every time you turn on one of the Government Owned CIA RUN Propaganda Channels & Before EVERY PRIMETIME SPEECH given by the Empty Suit Dictator we should have a WARNING LABLE: “WARNING THIS GOVERNMENT MAY BE BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH” & it damn sure is…..I digress ….So go ahead & reelect your DEATH WARRANT ……..


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