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In today’s world can anyone define what truth is….not what it’s become but what it was supposed to be…. . it by definition is an actual state of matter, it is conformity with fact or reality, the state of a character, actual existence & honesty…….what an arcane, profound revolutionary thought this is…..In today’s world & our Corrupt Dictatorship, is it EVEN LEGAL? When did you last hear any resemblance of truism being uttered, muttered or regurgitated by any member of this Parasitical Government….Hold on!!!! I heard there was a moment in the Summer of 1956 when someone spoke the truth…But it just a lapse & never happened again ….And they too remain anonymous & the Files were moved & stored on a Hard Dick that crashed at the DOJ….

Why I ask you do we live in a world of double standards where Politicians lie, cheat, steal, extort, bribe & murder and the Average Joe goes to JAIL….Do you think this government is TELLING us the TRUTH about ANYTHING? NOT ME…. Half Truths are still a lie…

This Government achieves it goals via Propaganda & Behavior Modification ….Truth plays no part in the process…It is just a means to an end…CONTROL…


Do you think we know all the TRUTH about the Assassination of JFK, MLK or even RFK….I don’t…..and it’s been decades…. .The Truth shall set you free….BS….get you killed is more likely….With that thought do you think this GOVERNMENT is telling us the truth about 9-11…NOT ME…how about Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandals, The NSA Spying, ISIS, IRAN and now EBOLA…..Not me…..

Then why do we keep electing the same old Corrupt Liars to Office time after time….That I don’t understand…I know MONEY, but sooner or later the PARTY TIME will end…To me that is what is so bewildering….With the History of Hitler & Stalin being well known & we are driving that same highway, with the headlight off….and we don’t REALLY EXPECT A CRASH???

Sadly, “THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH” would have been painful but it wouldn’t have been a death sentence….and that is why we are standing at the gallows today….. WAITING!!!!


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