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While seemingly slipping deeper & deeper into the Chasms of hell, this country & its SHIP OF FOOLS MENTALITY is playing a game with EVIL & it will not survive….Good, bad or indifferent you cannot legislate Morality….And if you “Reap What You SOW we are in DEEP Excrement …..Tell me, argue with me & show me where there are ANY GOOD INTENTIONS whatsoever coming from this Government…..These kinds of “fruits of labor” I can live without….

Ask yourself this; What Is The Endgame? Have we been invaded by” Eric The Red ?” And is the BEST we can do is just stand around with our thumbs up our posterior & do nothing? Do we go down WITHOUT A FIGHT?…. Heavens the Villages are being Pillaged & the women are being Raped and all we can do is take pictures with our IPHONE & send & post them on FACEBOOK….


What do we do when we find out our Significant Other is Lying Cheating & Stealing…..Really now, Forgiving is one thing BUT, if the pattern of behavior suggests that it’s not a onetime deal, but an ongoing Pattern Of Behavior…..Unless you’re STUPID or conversely SCARED TO DEATH of bodily harm….you exit stage right ASAP….

Yes I just might be an old Country Boy but, I didn’t just fall off of the Turnip Truck & hit my head….Where is this Cancerous Corrupt Parasitical Partisan bunch of Neutered Bastards taking us?” Well it ain’t to DISNEYLAND…..Yes I know Tinkerbelle is flitting & sashaying around the White House acting like he/she or it is the Leader Of A Gay Chorus Line singing ,”God Save the Queen” to himself…or whatever the hell “it” is…But really now is this WHAT WE WANT?


I don’t recall voting for a Dictator….Or for More Corruption….Or for more Waste ….Or for sending money to COUNTRIES who HATE us…And yes I now I’m an old Turd, but I’m not one Damn Bit Better Off than I was 5 years ago…..Crap let’s get real, 30 years ago…..

Once Upon A Time there was an AMERICA, Once Upon A Time there was FAMILY, Once Upon A Time there was Freedom Of Religion, Once Upon A Time there was Freedom Of Speech, Once Upon A Time there was Freedom Of The Press, Once Upon A Time we had Pride, Virtue & Ethics & Once upon a time we had Love For Our Fellow Man…..NOT ANYMORE….



So I ask you this; what is our RECOURSE …Do you think this SHIP OF FOOLS will right itself….NOT BY ITSELF, IT WON’T……Remember “UNTIL DEATH DO US PART”…..Well I want a D-I-V-O-R-C-E…..sooner rather than later….Those who have stolen our FREE WILL, will never, never ever Rehabilitate THEMSELVES…..So keep on being the Triplet Idiots….Deaf , Dumb & Blind…


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