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Let’s be totally honest here we have a Sociopathic Pathetic Pathological lying BASTARD MUSLIM as POTUS…And he is surrounded by the same mirror image types…..These controlling bloviating blasphemous buffoons leave NOTHING to CHANCE….again I say NOTHING… They will call NEWS SHOWS AKA “THE TALKING PARROT SOCIETY” to give them talking points before every show….They have meetings in the WH on Strategy’s that they are scheming or cooking up……They will also call anyone & call them on the carpet for having the audacity to go “rouge” & present another point of view…. So this is my QUESTION; is it even REMOTELY Possible That This Controlling Narcissistic Muslim DOESEN’T Know WTH is going on???? If you By that line of CRAP I have a bottle BS to sell you….


The standard LINE or LIE from the MUSLIM MESSIAH is I didn’t know about it till I saw it on TELEVISION…..And you by that BS….In my book the Media is not exactly what I’d call the Role Models For TRUTH TELLING….So are we to believe the World’s most Articulate LIAR & Control FREAK did know about Benghazi….didn’t know about the IRS scandals…..didn’t know about the NSA SPYING……The Fast & Furious ….cover-up……Didn’t know about Russia’s as well as China’s expansion plans…..Didn’t think ISIS was any way shape or form a real threat to ANYONE…..Sure they are known as the ‘Muslins Who Couldn’t shoot & Chop Straight”…….And they don’t think that or believe that EBOLA could possibly be brought into this country & do ANY REAL HARM…..And I remind you that this is the WORLDS MOST NARCISSISTIC ASS…..HE didn’t know SQUAT……If you by that line of Excrement …you are part of the problem…..


Here is the UNIVERSAL PARADOX…..Do you believe there is even a REMOTE possibility that this GOVERNMENT with all its PARASITES can or will FIX the very PROBLEMS it CREATED……May I remind you that what these liars do is STEAL ,LIE & EXTORT….They make AL CAPONE look like a Choirboy…..So the only astute answer has to be ….THAT THEY WILL NEVER FIX ANYTHING….but their bank accounts…..And yet We VOTE these COCKROACHES into office time after time…..And then we have the gall to say this GOVERNMENT is broken …..WELL I have BAD NEWS for you…..AMERICA IS BROKEN….


About 25% of the people in this COUNTRY identify themselves as LIBERALS….COMMUNISTS in my book…We are letting 25% rule over us….We are apparently, “THE STUPID, THE BRAINWSHED & THE Controlled “ …we bitch about it & do nothing…..well this is not the Last Days Of Pompeii…..this is THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICA…..We are not even treading water……This whole GOVERNMENT HAS CANCER….The GOP taking back the Senate does NOTHING but buy a little time…..EVIL is running the show & we are apparently afraid of the Government Boogie Man….Get real….They will kill us all when they don’t need us anymore…It is time…..and the clock is ticking….



  1. Geraldine Gallegos ⋅

    Just I thought,everything Obama, has thrown at us,is for a reason,another nail in our coffin,to bad our children have to pay,for stupidity.

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