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In this world with all its deceptions and illusions, what is real? What is Reality? How many see, perceive or even understand “the deceptions much less the end game?….. The world as we know it, Our Government is really nothing more than a Multilayered Game ….A high stakes game but a game nonetheless …..

If you could sit (unobserved) in the cloak room of the Senate, the House or even the NOT-SO Supreme Court, what would you hear? Are they talking & haggling over the Business of this Not-so-fair land or would you hear, let’s say….off-color jokes, talk about the family, about investments? How about ISIS, EBOLA, DEBT or CORRUPTION?????


I think if the truth were known these PARASITES with all their self-righteous sanctimonious Excrement, we would not be happy with the conversation…. These Cockroaches think we are Blithering Idiots….They SCREW US every which way they can & being the PERFECT BRAIN DEAD FOOL….we keep asking for more….Lord is this some New Type of Masochism????

And while you were in the room, did you look into the HEART & not the FACES of these Blood-Sucking Leeches? What did you see? Did you see Honesty, Integrity, Worthiness, Experience, and Knowledge? Or did you see and hear Arrogance, Narcissism, Selfishness or just pure old unmitigated Corruption at work?….


Who do we think we are kidding? And how much longer do you think this Charade Will Go On? The basic premise should come down to this: “WHO DO YOU TRUST?” Out of the 537 Elected, selected & Bribed Parasites that are STEALING us blind, I can’t give you a list of even a measly 10 that I trust….

IMO this government that is lying about EVERYTHING is telling us the TRUTH about what??? Global Warming, All of the Scandals, The MUSLIMS that want all of us dead & now EBOLA……I DON’T THINK SO…. WE deserve better but STUPIDITY seems to Prevail ….


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