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Beyond all the pomp & circumstance of these “faux elections” do they really” MATCH THE HYPE” or their EXPECTIONS? NOT HARDLY!!!!…..We vote because we dare not to, but does it do any good? Do these PARASITES ever live up to their LIES & HYPE….A RESOUNDING NO is the only answer I can ascertain….


IMO these FAUX ELECTIONS are by & large RIGGED…FRAUD RULES & the results are largely BOUGHT & PAID for by The MONEY MASTERS of this CORRUPT COUNTRY…. You Know the REALLY nice misunderstood NAZI’S like GEORGE SOROS…..These elections aren’t rigged the way they are in O’COWARD’s country KENYA….they stead a vote & a precinct hear & there …..And then there is the QUESTION of the day? WHO COUNTS THEM???… WINK .WINK ,NOD ,NOD there’s no VOTER FRAUD….REALLY? When was there NOT, VOTER FRAUD?…ANSWER: NEVER!!!!!


The truth could very well be This COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT wants you to vote so they can make the Faux Claim you were INVOLVED….And all the other CRAP is simply STAGECRAFT…..RACISM, Voter ID etc….


Just maybe there is another reason we vote & no it’s not for change…..GUILT…..We believe you have no right to BITCH if you’re not involved in the process…..WHITE GUILT got us our Present Day MARXIST MUSLIM NARCISSISTIC PRICK POTUS…..How did that work for you/us?….


And while I am not SUGGESTING anyone not vote, I think it’s PAST TIME to hold this FAUX ELECTION MACHINE to some kind of accountability ….Is just an exercise of futilely or IS THIS HOW WE WASH OUR HANDS?…..Robert Heinlein nailed it….it’s a “CATCH 22”


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