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Are the people in this country ready for, prepared for or up to the task of watching a” MAD DOG Is A KENYAN” lash out & throw temper tantrums because this WORLD doesn’t agree or fit “His Highness’s” view or philosophy…..Who does this Narcissistic MUSLIM Ass think he is….a “miracle worker?” Never mind he thinks he’s GOD……Just ask him…..

Well this Spoiled Brat SOCIOPATH has a TEMPER and we would be well advised to understand this; “Vengeance Is Mine saith the Lord”…..EXCEPT here…..Hell Hath No Fury Like That Of Scorned, Ridiculed & UNDER-APPRECIATED MONARCH Serpent from the DARKNESS & DEPTHS of HELL…..

What do you do as an ENCORE or a FINALE when you are not only the World’s Most Articulate Tele-Prompter Reader and the NEW AGE MUSLIM MESSIAH when your “TIME” is running short & there is SO-MUCH MORE WORK TO DO…Heavens there are still Cities to Destroy, Cultures to Destroy, People (ANGLO’S)to Destroy & a NATION to DESTROY…….”AMERICA” & then we will be ripe pickings for the MUSLIM NEW WORLD ORDER…..

The Biggest Problem with Mohammed’s Narcissistic Son BARRY, is the WHOLE WORLD doesn’t fall on their knees to Worship, Adore, Praise of Bow Down to Kiss the Ugly Parasites Ass & acknowledge his divinity ……In short this MUSLIM TURD is Certifiably NUTS, CRAZY or INSANE…..But we can’t openly say that in public, for fear of incarnation or worse…..Paybacks are hell & this Muslims Cockroach is madder than Michelle Obama was after finding out she couldn’t keep her MALE Appendage too….She Wanted to be the first TRANNY GRANNY First Lady in the WORLD…..Well she’s certainly BUTCH enough….

Think about it there is about TWO YEARS left on Barry’s Reign of TERROR and AMERICA’S Expiration Date. Where will our “REICHSTAG EVENT” START???? it’s COMING….& ITS COMING SOON;_ylt=AwrSbhCToHNUdCUAn5VXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0b3RkZzRnBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1NNRTM5OV8x?_adv_prop=image&fr=ytff1-gl-gen1&va=reichstag+fire+hitler

HE JUST DOESN’T UNDERSTAND WHY THE WHOLE WORD DOESN’T WANT TO PLAY…..This self-serving Pathetic Excuse for a “Humanoid” because he HATES so completely everything that is not him is more than content to, BURN US TO THE GROUND…..In the next TWO Years you will see more & more Manufactured Ciaos, SCRIPTED FALSE FLAG incidents …..Will it be a RACE WAR, will it be another “9-11” will it be another BANKING CRASH, Staged SHOOTINGS to use as gun control ….When you have 98% of the media Crafting the Narrative, The LIBERAL HOLLYWEIRD writers creating the scripts as well as all of the EDITING, the CAMERAS & a GOVERNMENT Willing & Capable of PLANTING EVIDENCE on our computers ……Where does this train take us??? To a POLICE STATE AND LIKE A TRAPPED RABID SKUNK… will SPRAY its STENCH on everything & though it’s FOAMING at the MOUTH BITE it will kill everything…..At that point it will be to late too stop this MARXIST MUSLIM Runaway Train…..


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