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It’s bad enough having a Self-Anointed Fairy Dictator as the FAUX Leader of this Country, but to not have a Critical, Scrutinizing, Questioning or Prosecuting MEDIA on the Sidelines analyzing the minutia & plies of lies of Propaganda has made this Dilemma or Crossroads in history almost untenable…..In plane old everyday English they are a Co-Conspirator or Partner in the TREASONOUS Actions of this Emerging POLICE STATE…..They are a MAJOR part of the PROBLEM….They have in effect become “The Ministry Of Propaganda,” ….you want the AMERICA of old to RETURN ???? AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN, unless we deal with all the liars in Manhattan & Los Angles …..


Let’s face the reality Journalism as we thought it was DOESN’T exist in anyway shape form or fashion anymore, that is if it ever did…..Basically all that NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN & MSNBC have become PRESS AGENTS for this Government…..specifically the Liberal Communist Agenda of the MUSLIM OBAMA…..They feed us one spoonful, one bite, one sip with Pitcher Perfect Precision the lie of the day….

Shouldn’t we be facing the REALITY that this GOVERNMENT is one GIANT COLOSSAL….”COVER-UP”….The only thing real is the lies, the pain, the theft, the extortion, the tyranny, the misery & the DEATH these Corrupt Partisan Parasites cause…..But because of the MEDIA we have the ever-present defense used in two parts… in and day out…..THE OTHER DUDE DID IT & YOU ARE A RACIST……..

Are we to believe that all the questions & problems come down to the analogy where it’s simply; the other Guy did it & By The Way he’s a RACIST pig….This world , thousands of years old …..has seen the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, the Rise & Fall of Greek Empire, Hitler, Stalin, the INCA’s, The MAYANS & the AZTECS…..and it’s all because the OTHER GUY DID IT & HE’s RACIST…..Then Kowabunga we have solved the WORLD’S MOST RELEVANT QUESTIONS…..

We need to face the reality that we haven’t been told the TRUTH in DECADES….except when it either suited their purpose or by accident…..This has become a FAUX GOVERNMENT and the MEDIA is a Co-Conspirator….They construct the ILLUSIONARY FACADE & the GOVERNMENT creates the perimeter’s or boundaries….And All for the BENEFIT of the POWERFUL ELITE RULING CLASS …..

The REALITY is this Government & THE MEDIA WATCHDOGS are complaisant in Creating, Manufacturing & Staging the Manipulation that CONTROLS & ENSLAVES our every move…TELEVISION while it’s passed off as entertainment is a nothing but a Propaganda & Brainwashing tool used to help enslave us…..These feeding Frenzies we go through daily are meant to serve their MASTER not those who are Consuming it…We are Just Prisoners In Disguise……
TRUTH be told we should not only “Boycott” this FAUX MEDIA, if we had our act together we’d “Boycott” their Masters & the Sponsors….


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