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There was once a time that Success as well as Failure brought people together or united us…Often we could find a Cry to RALLY behind in our defeats….And our SUCCESSES weren’t displayed with OVERT acts of Self-Indulgence or NARCISSISM….We once helped each other & expected nothing for it, except a thank you or a little gratitude….And yes while I readily admit that I’m an OVER THE HILL RELIC from the PAST, I see LITTLE or NOTHING in this COUNTRY anymore worth building on….Where is the VIRTUE that once prevailed in this land?….I’m sorry I don’t understand how SO MANY got LOST on this road to a FALSE UTOPIA, that is in effect nothing but the ROAD TO HELL or RUIN….

Can anyone TELL ME much less SHOW ME how today’s Society is one bit better than those in our past….If I may…What the HELL have we created here? A Better World or a NEW AGE DICTATORSHIP? Think about this….I hear the PARASITES refer to the Mythical MIDDLE CLASS at almost every turn or ‘Stump Speech”…so let me tell you this….IN MY OPINION the Middle Class is either DEAD , EXTINCT or it never existed at all…In short it has just become a TERM or HYPERBOLE used for the general purpose of PROPAGANDA…..Everything you hear coming out of the Mouth of our PARASITE POLITICIANS is a LIE used to CREATE an ILLUSION they can USE to SERVE their own self-serving purposes….



Why can’t we face the reality that GOVERNMENTS create these PROBLEMS with only one GOAL in mind….To Confuse you into thinking they CARE about you……Yes they care about your Enslavement to THEM….nothing more…..Do you REALLY think this GOVERNMENT or any other really care about GLOBAL WARMING …..It is all about creating more WEALTH……Do you really think they give a HOOT about RACISM… they need it to help keep us divided ….And many of them are making money off of it to boot….There isn’t ONE problem this WORLD has that GOVERNMENTS hasn’t CREATED…including WAR…Ask yourself who BENEFITS….it’s not the citizens, it’s the GOVERNMENT & their Fascist Buddies …


As an observation it seems to me we are being TAUGHT to worship those things in life which can enslave us, tantalize us and things which in which have no REAL VALUE …..It’s apparently a WORLD geared towards a Narcissistic view of QUANTITY…..Whatever happened to Value or QUALITY? Is it the PRICE we paid for this COMMUNIST UTOPIA of BARRY The MUSLIM IDIOT….You CAN, you SHOULD , but you WON’T Pull back the Curtains of this FAUX FACADE & find out what is REAL, what has VALUE, what has True MEANING & who is really RUNNING or CONTROLLING you But Most of you not only WON’T do that, IMO you are INCAPABLE of it……We are no longer being given or taught the tools it takes to be, YOUR ON MAN, an Independent Free-Thinker….This EVIL GOVERNMENT thinks that is a MOST DANGEROUS Quality & simply said not only not- desirable , but damn near FORBIDDEN …..
But alas, ONCE UPON A TIME we had a country, we called AMERICA, we had REAL Friends, we had a REAL Family & our GOD was in HEAVEN, not our GOVERNMENT….It’s apparent to me in the Battle of GOOD versus EVIL….we are losing , badly & we are too STUPID to even know it….YES , AMERICA faces a threat from Islam, From China, Russia or South Korea…..I hate to inform you the CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER we should FEAR the MOST is from our own GOVERNMENT, for whom we trusted with everything & they have SQUANDERED All of our BOUNTY. All of our DREAMS & Our PRAYERS…
I’m sorry, but ask yourself this question as you turn around and take a hard look ; is this what we worked a lifetime for? This is PATHETIC…..


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