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When will people wake up to the REALITY that this is a FAKE, FAUX or PRETEND World we live in….The only thing real is the Pain & Suffering or the Laughs & Love…..We seem to wake-up in Fantasy Land every day to what ends…..In this day & age EVERYTHING is about the OPTICS ……Or if you will the Perception & the Illusion to Create FAUX WORLD…..Let’s look at it this way…it’s all a MIND OVER MATTER thing….If you believe it true, than Holy Crap Batman it must be true…..this is a bit like the old cliché; “one man ceiling is another one’s floor” or the old FRED SANFORD one; one man’s junk is another man treasure”…..
Let’s look at a couple our Perceived FREEDOMS or LIBERTYS……Freedom of Speech… you really think it exists? I sure as CRAP don’t…..It is controlled & it’s getting worse by the day….can we REALLY speak our minds about Racism, Muslims, or the Thin Skinned Bastard Barry the Illustrious Immaculate MUSLIM from HELL….I don’t think so…..And Just how much longer will they ALLOW me to call a WORTHLESS PIECE of EXCREMENT….that is without landing in a FEMA CAMP…..Free Speech My ass…Pardon….
Then perhaps the GREATEST LIE of all…Freedom of the Press……..Yes they are fairly well free to Print, Parrot & Profusely espouse what This Socialist Government tell them to….We have Muslims murdering CHRISTIANS around the WORLD & Brother Barry & his Merry Band Of Blither Idiots , just call them THUGS…..The Holder’s , Sharpton’s, Jackson’s as well as BARRY think its AMERICAS fault….that we created this imbalance in the world…..therefore Terrorism doesn’t exist…. They are just a bunch of misunderstood Pedophiles & Goat humpers & that’s our fault too….

So this Government with its infinite Wisdom Controls the Narrative, the Optics, the Illusion, the Theater, writes the Script & hires the Actors….And we get to TUNE in on any BARRY CHANNEL and be sold & told the controlled STORY…..Not the TRUTH…that no longer lives…..The World as you see is not real, what you see is NOT what you get……The ocean of LOVE that they tell us we are Swimming in, is nothing but a CESSPOOL or SEPTIC –TANK…..and THE WHOLE WORLD IS A STAGE…full of BAD ACTORS & now STUPID People….


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