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As a so called “Baby Boomer” many of us grew up with the Fantasy or Mythical SLIVER SCREEN or CARTOON Characters like Superman, Super Boy, Superwoman, Batman, Bat boy, Bat girl, Roger Ramjet , The Scarlet Pimpernel , The Lone Ranger or Mighty Mouse ……Always there to Right the Wrong Fight the ever-present evil, the Bad Guys or to SAVE THE DAY, or SAVE the WORLD from CHAOS….Snidely Whiplash….
Well now AMERICA has its own Real-life Cartoon Character, The one, the only BARRY THE NOT-SO GREAT……Who has under the guise of fighting good…done harm to the very people he was SELECTED to protect…Americans……However if you are a MUSLIM, a HOMOSEXUAL, a TRANSGENDER, a FOREIGNER, a COMMUNIST & someone who promises to take the BRIBE and VOTE for CORRUPTION, DESTRUCTION , ANTI-CHRISTIAN COMMUNIST LIBERAL DEMOCRATS …..You may find yourself on the PAYROLE of the Greatest Cone the World has EVER SEEN…..
PRODUCED by George Soros, Edited , Scripted & Staged by HOLLYWEIRD & it’s Media Cohorts…..I give you MIGHT MOUTH, who blows men & ant Hot Air up Americans asses with every BREATH IT TAKES….And we put this regurgitated Piece of CAMEL Excrement in office TWICE….

While the Wold World is in CHAOS , Muslims killing Christians, No job market, no business market, A MUSLIM POTUS that has RESTRICTED what little FREEDOMS we had left…..No Free Speech, No Free Press & essentially no MONEY…All we can TALK about is BRUCE JENNER becoming an …”IT”…..

Think about it we are celebrating some delusional sick idiot…like it’s a GIANT STEP FOR MANKIND……I know we had the Andy Warhol ….”15 minutes of fame” thing…But now we’ve apparently gone into How Delusionally Sick are you thing….And we watch this Pathetic Excrement.?….Not me….Welcome to BARRY’S WORLD….where Weirdos & Whiners….win….


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