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When will people wake up to the REALITY that this is a FAKE, FAUX or PRETEND World we live in….The only thing real is the Pain & Suffering or the Laughs & Love…..We seem to wake-up in Fantasy Land every day to what ends…..In this day & age EVERYTHING is about the OPTICS ……Or if you will the Perception & the Illusion to Create FAUX WORLD…..Let’s look at it this way…it’s all a MIND OVER MATTER thing….If you believe it true, than Holy Crap Batman it must be true…..this is a bit like the old cliché; “one man ceiling is another one’s floor” or the old FRED SANFORD one; one man’s junk is another man treasure”…..
Let’s look at a couple our Perceived FREEDOMS or LIBERTYS……Freedom of Speech… you really think it exists? I sure as CRAP don’t…..It is controlled & it’s getting worse by the day….can we REALLY speak…

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