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Living your life & loving are GIFTS from GOD & we let Crooks, Cons, Thieves,Murderers,Extortionists & CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS not only take that Gift, that Privilege away from us…they want to sell you the IDEA that they are the GIVERS of that Git….

I’m sorry I DO NOT see this Government nor any another one as GOD or an answer to anything bust MISERY, HEARTACHE & DEATH….

Government may be a necessary EVIL but this one takes the cake…You know if there’s not a SATANIC ALTAR in the WHITE HOUSE there might as well be…


BARRY THE MUSLIM MESSIAH, hasn’t parted the great oceans he has divided the world with his SATANIC Vision of HELL to create the Greatest Divide this World has ever seen….This is a Prelude to something VERY UGLY….death of a Nation, a culture & its imperfect people….and yet so many people can’t , won’t & will never Hear the WAR DRUMS of DEATH as they come knocking on their door…

How Pathetic it is that we have FALLEN so far…we have Drowned in our own Institutionalized MADNESS….We are too STUPID to know the DEATH has been & is KNOCKING on our Door…


I’m sorry I do not see this as enlightenment….I see today as a CANCER, that no one wants to cure, but they will SURELY Manage it for you… Control it for you…for a PRICE…Everything you are, your Soul, your Spirit, you Loves & the Very Breath you Take..



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