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.It seems to me in this Era of Lies, Liars & Loonies no one does the hard work to find the truth or the real meaning in ANY MESSAGE , let alone one from a Political Operative…..I mean to say all you hear or see is adds or articles that Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Carson did this, said that, really means this, that or ????? Ask yourself this when does this disingenuous, meant to sway LIE, ever get exposed as such, IF EVER? ANSWER :almost never…..Isn’t this a bit like a retraction in a NEWSPAPER buried on the last page in a language no one understands……The simple TRUTH is these innuendos are meant to deceive & because REAL TRUTH is DEAD….Exposing the TRUTH at a later date is TOO DAMN LATE….It is all about Creating a “Shadow Of Doubt” ….Where is Alfred Hitchcock…..I sure as hell don’t see his name in the Credits…As if anyone cares anymore… Stupidity Reigns Supreme, in Modern day America…of whatever the Hell this is Anymore…


Aren’t the Sheep in this Country, in this World so Starving for a drink of Cool Clear TRUTH that all they see is a MIRAGE ….Well I sure as hell don’t see WASHINGTON DC as a “WATERING HOLE”…or an OASIS…OK , maybe a TOXIC SEPTIC TANK….Buyer Beware….While the TRUTH may hurt you & make you uncomfortable….the Lies & the Propaganda are meant to destroy, defame, slander with the intent to CONTROL , ENSLAVE or KILL YOU or your own desires, dreams & prayers….


One Election ,”WILL NOT CURE ” or Turn around this Sinking Vessel we once called AMERICA….”The Land Of The Free” because we are ANYTHING but FREE anymore….



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