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What does it say about a Culture who IDOLIZES the Wrong types of people…Weren’t we all at one time searching for ROLE MODELS of certain types …I grew up on a Farm in in Texas, I am what they call one of the “Baby Boomers” born after WORLD WAR II….. We were poor by most standards , I can remember when we when my Dad & some of his Friends installed our FIRST TOILET….No more Out Houses…..I had Kinfolk who fought in WWII & I remember the stories of those who didn’t make it home…..Those were the Years of Mom’s Apple Pies, Sock Hops, Baseball, Football.& yes we went to CHURCH…..Every time the doors were open…

If one thinks about those who we RESPECTED & LOOKED up too….other than family or friends we chose people we wanted to Be like,Pretend …for me it was Mickey Mantle, Johnny Unitas, Elvis Presley & later John, Paul ,George & Ringo of the Beatles…..Perfect people they were not…..But they did share the fact they were DRIVEN, They wanted to be More than they were & they had the TALENT to do it…..


Think for just a moment about today’s World & the IMAGES the youth see today & those they are being TAUGHT to Idolize…..Bruce Jenner, Al Sharpton, Snoop Dog, Madonna & if you want to throw in all the REST of the RAPPER IDIOTS & 98% of the HOLLYWEIRD Brainless Idiots & last but not forgotten Barack Obama …go for it….There is NOT one REDEEMING QUALITY in any of them.. And while I’m on the SHALLOW subject of Barry, if accurate History is ALLOWED in the future how will “IT” be remembered….Other than the TOKEN FIRST BLACK POTUS (AKA Queen, Emperor, Dictator) ..will IT be remembered as the …Thin-Skinned Narcissistic Sociopath Muslim Faux Fraud that he actually is…Now Is that really something you want Children to Emulate Idolize or worship…I don’t think so…He is nothing but an Empty Suited Pathogen Programmed to HATE by the likes of George Soros & his NWO BROTHERHOOD…
I’m sorry I cannot celebrate Pathetic Delusional Brainwashed Stupid IDIOTS….Hell the very fact they SURVIVED in the damn World tells me the ONLY TALENT they possess is SUCKING BLOOD…Is that really something to Celebrate? Is that what todays world calls a HERO….I sure as hell don’t….They are all no-talent LOSERS ….

You know “Once Upon A Time” we had a chance & as Shakespeare said, “TO BE OR NOT TO BE”…..apparently we chose there later…..while I truly believe we all possess something special…we have “Squandered it all away” with lies & deceptions by those who control us….It is PAST the time to UNDERSTAND what HEROES & LOSERS really are…Hero’s are mostly Self-Made Men & Women & Losers are the one’s left CRYING because they were to DAMN LAZY to even try….The only thing they tried to do is FAIL…..well they damn sure did a good job of that…



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