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I think we can SAFELY say that the “Sounds Of Freedom” have been replaced with the “Chains Of Slavery”….We have become slaves to our own NARCISSISM which has caused our demise.And BTW this was by Design….The whole INTENT was to create our total Dependence on this SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT….Now we are SLAVES to EVERYONE’S Debt…. We are SLAVES to our own INDUCED STUPIDITY….via BRAINWASHING & BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION if you will…
PT BARNUM was reputed to have said this quote…’A FOOL & HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED”….So I ask you ,Just what in the hell does this make us? I mean this is WORSE than the Fool & His Money….we have SQUANDERED everything…..No more Dreams, no uplifting Visions all we have left is a PRAYER….And the Way this Society has Turned it’s back on God, on Good, on Hope & Faith….Well sadly most don’t even know what I’m even referencing….And That’s the POINT….We Apparently Won’t Get the MESSAGE until it’s TOO DAMN LATE….
For those who don’t believe in Satan, The Devil or EVIL….What would you call HITLER, MUSSOLINI ,STALIN or this Corrupt Government  …..much less a RELIGION, a CULT Of HATRED called ISLAM ….MUSLIM PIGS…….They sure as Hell weren’t what you’d call “GOOD SAMARITANS” ON THE ROAD TO ANYWHERE GOOD….
All I have to say or allow is that if you are one of the GROWING NUMBER of VILLAGE IDIOTS that this Country, this World is EVOLVING into “SHANGHAI-LA” I can only… say or allow this thought….Buddy you will “Burn In Hell”….because your day, your moment when the epiphany finely dawns on you is coming…….But is Guess in this LIBERAL PARADISE FOUND, you will fill it as it creeps up & into your arse….because Your BRAINS…well they were SCRAMBLED decades ago….
ASHES TO ASHES & DUST TO DUST…..we are “GONE WITH THE WIND” but too stupid to know it …

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