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Since a child I have heard that statement above time & time again & then some….And IMO its true, but that’s not to imply or to say its all right to do as our Government (An Organized SYNDICATE) A Highwayman, A Thief or a con to Swindle us…..These is another Emerging Class of PARASITE that is Taking Stage these days….Muslims, Freeloaders, Welfare Cons and the like….You know SADLY because our Governments CREATED this EXCREMENT they are IMMUNE to change….in FACT they WILL NOT CHANGE….I’ll ask you this question, does a Pedophile Change, can they be Rehabilitated….Well HELL you’re a FOOL if you believe that to be so….


By now you’d have thought there would be some kind of Magic Elixir to change the “Obvious” …..But apparently what is “Obvious” to a FEW is apparently, “Oblivious” or “Invisible” to the “SHEEPIE CLASS” of this World…First & foremost if you have a Culture or a Society where “Mediocrity Rules, it’s encouraged, it’s taught…what do you have? Once upon a time we had this thing called PRIDE, we were taught to Achieve & to work for the Spoils or Bounty we desired…..Heavens that may well be a Home, a Family, Our loves & yes even a few of our Material Possessions…


Let’s face it though, the Parasite Class, “The MUSLIMS” in particular will not CHANGE, they will not ASSIMILATE….HELL ,they don’t have to…everyone gives them everything they WANT….Instead of what they DESERVE….to be NUKED……To Coexist with this CREATURE is like LIVING Literally with a CANCER ,Leeches or Maggots WILLINGLY in your body….You call that LIVING….I DON’T…


Let me REMIND the FOOLS of this WORLD…this is NOT, now will it Ever Be HEAVEN, NIRVANA, PARADISE or UTOPIA…..It is becoming one for our HANDLERS., The ELITES…our WARDENS in this PRISON we call HOME….Home Of The Brave has been replaced with Cowardice & Fear….And FEAR of this GOVERNMENT is the NEW NORMAL…..And While God did destroy Sodom & Gomorrah, he has said NEVER AGAIN….you want this World, this AMERICA , this GOVERNMENT to change, well GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES……..



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