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Once again I find myself on the OUTSIDE Looking IN as far as Politics go…..Hell you’d think this was a FOOTBALL game not only full of Fans, Cheerleaders but also full of the Liars, The Gamblers;The Script Writers & The Stage Hands with their Television Crews RIGGING & STINKING UP the Whole Damn Process…Why cant we take with “Bated Breath ” all this Crapola,Propaganda or Lies….This is all a deception….think about it & ask the QUESTION that should be asked Everyday About everything we hear & are told….IS IT TRUE ? CAN YOU PROVE IT ? IS THIS OPINION ? WHERE DID THIS INFO COME FROM?…..

Think about this reality….and ask this question? Why do so many PEOPLE,CLOWNS, PARROTS or PARASITES run for a Position of POWER that PAYS So little…..ANSWER is CORRUPTION… So the actual question is WHY CAN’T WE SEE IT? ANSWER: because we don’t want to know the UGLY TRUTH…..IMO Politics is just like Professional Wrestling….it’s all an act….If we’d just take a Cautious Eyes to what’s being STAGED, we’d be all the better…..


Meanwhile IMO the more FIGHTING that goes on the more likely the COMMUNIST Party Democrats win ….remember they OWN the MEDIA…All this Infighting looks like a STRATEGY to me….and it how we got to this DEAD END…

Just remember this at all costs, a divided nation will fall. and those in power who are actually our ENEMY know that & that is my POINT….If you still have SURVIVAL instincts, you best hon them, for the moment, the day & the hour approaches when you’re going to need them & more.



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