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Whatever happened to Logic, the art of understanding or the ability to see through the Fog of Intentional Lies or Deceptions.?.. Isn’t it time we took a BIG Step backwards , took a Chill Pill, Took a beep Breath & QUESTIONED all the CRAP we See on the Internet, Television, The FAUX STAGED News, as well as Politicians….HELL PEOPLE they are All PAID PROFESSIONAL LIARS…Let’s get real….I am SICK of this TRUMP did this, Rubio did this, Cruz did this or Carson did, said, inferred, blurred, farted, belched or WHATEVER….Is there anyone who has a Direct Line to GOD & the TRUTH MACHINE….CRAP PEOPLE GET A LIFE…..

I’m starting to wonder how people find their way home at night…oh hell…GPS does it for them…why the hell would we want to think & use our now USELESS Brain that serves as nothing but a Hat Rack….

Is there some sort of Hypnotic trance or drug in the air we breathe…Do you hear a mantra & a Cadence that tell you to believe all this Preposterous Pathetic intentional HORSE EXCREMENT…..

This world has turned into a 24/7 Made for PRIME TIME…..’SOAP OPERA” ….Drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama & then some…They are JERKING YOUR CHAIN….

It seems we’ve become insensitive as well as vitriolic…as a culture….are we emulating the Politicians, the Wardens, the Caretakers or Handlers that CONTROL us…NARCISSISM ….Or NUMB to the POINT we don’t CARE…I rather be DEAD.

All this is just STAGED POLITICAL THEATER to Create a SEED Of Doubt….or Fear….take your pick…It works because we fall for the stupid damn game every time…

IMO all this Political Posturing by everyone is REMINISCENT of a School of PARANA FIGHTING over the Scraps or Tiny Morsels of the BRAIN of Parasitical Leach at the BOTTOM of the Ocean….You know DARWIN was WRONG….we haven’t evolved into anything….HELL we’ve regressed…I am ASHAMED of what AMERICA has become….

Hell people If an Old Hick From the Sticks with only TWO YEARS of College can HEAR the Drum Beats Of DEATH, I can’t even Fathom why the REST of this DUMBED DOWN Culture Can’t….EXCEPT it’s all by Design….NOT Providence either….This Government is Just as DAMN EVIL as HITLERS Germany….They are just a little SLICKER, Dress a Little Nicer & Speak or Talk a good game…The GAME is DEATH….Get over it…



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