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What does it say about a Society that has no Direction, no Ambition , no Feelings, no Meaning or no Reason….What the Hell happened to the High Road/low road path….Do we Sail on the waters without the Wind? Hell for that matter do we Sail on the water without the Sails to catch the wind…And for that matter are we EVEN being taught how to Navigate the waters, treacherous or not?
Allow me to make ONE DAMN OBSERVATION….AMERICA would never even been a thought, an idea, a concept, a belch, a fart or any REALITY with the KIND of LEADERSHIP we or you have now….The Idea of Patriotism has been replaced with an overt death wish of Cowardice…..Proud has been replace with Pathatic…..Wisdom & Knowledge has been replaced with “Behavior Modification” via Brainwashing…….. Come on now show me where I am wrong….and believe me I wish the HELL I was wrong….Show me the Leaders that can Lead that can Inspire a CULTURE that has become So Damn Suicidal we should be calling the PSYCHO WARD & getting the Padded Rubber Rooms Ready…
AMERICA has a PROBLEM, It has a Cancer Ridden Government & a Parasitical Infested Culture of Damn LEMMINGS ready to run of the damn Cliff at the behest of this Brainless Evil; Infested Corrupt Government Full of GEORGE SOROS Lackeys & their Partner in CRIME SLIME the MEDIA….The King of Propaganda…..I mean to say…pick you own CHANNEL …doesn’t matter they all WORK fro the Same CRIME BOSSES….
There is an old line from a song that goes, “the future looks so bright we will have to put our Sunglasses on….Well the FUTURE looks dismal but you will need the sunglasses still for the FIRES OF HELL, because WE AIN’T GOING NOWHERE , ANYWHERE Good anytime soon…..Hell these RANTS are a FRIGGING Waste of time…I sure s Hell can’t RAISE THE DEAD…

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