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In the relentless pursuit to overwhelm the public Ignorant Sheep with TOXIC brainwashing, AKA known as Political Theater, AKA Propaganda, AKA known as LIES this government now controls almost every Talking Head Parrot or Bobble Head Doll in the Media…..I am going to tell you just like a Football Game with 30 seconds to Play….Gay Barry, Old German George Soros or Valerie (HATCHET BITCH MUSLIM WHORE) is on the Phone & texting Lies & Disinformation as well as TALKING points that will aid in the New World Order’s Quest to END AMERICA as we remembered it….And once Dreamed it could be once again….
As history goes they say you can’t know where your going unless you know where you’ve been…..That’s why TRUE Accurate history isn’t taught ……The Liberals would have you believe AMERICA is the Same as HITLER’S GERMANY or STALIN’S  RUSSIA….NOT TRUE…but we sure as hell are getting there….Crap no one is taught the Truth anymore, nor are they taught responsibility….of curiosity….Hell todays imbeciles are only searching for their next HIGH, next Fix, next Freebie or next SCORE…That what you get with a Welfare State or Socialist Government….And that IS what we are…..all this crap about America being a REPUBLIC should be said with “TAPS” playing in the background….
I am a relic of the PAST & I’m damn Proud of it….I was what you called a “Baby Boomer” …born after WWII…..So I had Uncles & Cousins that Fought in the War….And I heard the Stories….Television in that ERA wasn’t ashamed of AMERICA…they Showed Patriotic Movies, We said Prayers at home, we went to church, we had Prayers in Schools….We were taught about GOOD & EVIL….Then I remember the Korean War….Then we had the COLD WAR as Germany split up….we had Drill at school that taught us what to do in the event of an an Attack…And yes I remember KHRUSHCHEV’S speech at the United Nations….it was prophetic it all came TRUE….Turn & look around Tell me it isn’t….I dare you……Then we had Vietnam …..
I was draft age, I was lucky enough to be in College and had a deferment….But let me tell you because I had to Think about my own Mortality I HAD TO PAY ATTENTION to what was going on in Government….I had friends come home in Body Bags  , I had Friends who never got over the Horrors of War, Death & the CHAOS….Some took their own lives….Let me tell you this though, for those who SURVIVED it all….it made them Smarter & Stronger…..So I ask you this question What the Hell is this Government doing to us today…Weren’t we SUPPOSED to have learned a Lesson or TWO….Apparently the only thing we learned is to FEAR this DAMN Government…This Government is in BED with ALL of our ENEMIES ….the MUSLIMS in particular….Just as HITLER WAS,,,oh Never mind we don’t Teach history much less Learn anymore….So if you wake up on morning & finely realize you have arrived at your Final Destination …AKA the “Gates Of Hell”….well just remember we were warned….from the Bible & other books like Brave New World & 1984… seems we are Pathetically STUPID….THE GAME IS RIGGED….We best WAKE UP Soon…

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