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The topic “de jour” is the Very Oh-so-convenient death, demise, passing, expiration or parting of the  VERY Conservative Supreme Court Justice Scalia….And while we can’t Prove it, many of us think this SMELLS to high heaven …..And mind you the Liars at the “gate of Hell” the Media are quick to Spin, Point out, Regurgitate & Fart the old standard line ….(DRUM ROLLS PLEASE) he DIED of NATURAL CAUSES….I am forced to  once again be the preverbal, “Doubting Thomas” I am force to think & Say this; Just what inn the HELL Constitutes  NATURAL CAUSES…..I mean death by any definition is inevitable , so it’s just a natural course of action….There is the old Hank Williams song & line, “Your Not Going To Get Out Of This World Alive”……Let me use a more recent one that come straight from a Lying Jackass , Pathogen, Sociopath & basic old BUBBA….BILL CLINTON …”It Depends On What The Definition Of IS, IS……Isn’t this just a Rhetorical game of SEMANTICS that we hear 24/7 from WASHINGTON & the HOUNDS From HELL MEDIA.?…. It is in My Opinion….
My first QUESTION is & was, the LACK of QUESTIONS….By that I mean by SKEPTICS other than myself….Why do we Accept CRAP, EXCREMENT & LIES or DECEPTIONS? While there will be a time when we will all get to Meet our Maker (God) although some will see SATAN….I’m not really into this SUICIDE thing….Hell when did we turn into LEMMINGS …..Why are we Running off the Cliff to our own Death, Demise into an uncertain VOID….I’m sorry but I’m not really a RUN with the Crowd Guy…I Try to be a Non-Conformist…I try to think for myself…(maybe that’s what these headaches are LOL) ……
There is an old axiom, cliche  or term….If it walks like a Duck, Talks like a Duck it must be a Duck …..Well my version of it (being a country boy & all) is Is if a bull Craps in the Meadow, if the Crap SMELLS like Excrement, draws Flies & Maggots like Excrement…..Well it must be (DRUM ROLL Pro Favor) EXCREMENT…..But apparently the Masses think (have been Programmed) to believe Excrement is something to be played with….you know like MONKEYS at the ZOO crapping In their hand & throwing it at the Passerby’s like it was a Stupid High School game ….
SCALIA died at the RANCH of an OLD CLINTON Operative “John Poindexter “…..Shouldn’t that raise a Flag?  Found by  “John Poindexter “……Let me propose a HYPOTHETICAL; What if it was a WELL KNOWN  Fact Justice Scalia had a Heart problem…..wouldn’t  all the Operatives in  the Government , the CIA or whoever work for the Communists NWO Boys ….SOROS & COMPANY know it too?…what if they altered his medications, what if they threatened him or a friend ….much less do anything they could to add to the STRESS that could lead to a Heart Attack or stroke….
You know wars are won & fought as well as lost by taking out the CENTERS of POWER & undermining those who believe….SEEDS OF DOUBT…..The Communists who CONTROL us . The SATANIC EVIL behind the Curtain have struck a LASTING BLOW to the few FREEDOMS we had left …..Unless we see this as the “TIPPING POINT” that it is or AMERICA is DOA….
You know believing the “DYING OF NATURAL CAUSES” line is like believing in the “TOOTH FAIRY”…..FDR once said this, “nothing in politics happens by accident”…Well with that being said , The road we’ve traveled on just became more TREACHEROUS…. Now very soon there will be dead carcasses scattered everywhere ….
And for the skeptics….go watch the movie…”THE PELICAN BRIEF”

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