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EVERYDAY we wake up the Sound of Music is uglier…
EVERYDAY there is more discontent….
EVERYDAY the LIES get more brazen or bolder
EVERYDAY we feel more Hate…
EVERYDAY we lose a little freedom….
EVERYDAY we lose a little more of our so-called Wealth
EVERYDAY we have Fewer Choices …
EVERYDAY we seem to lose some of our HOPE, FAITH
EVERYDAY we lose sight of our DREAMS & PRAYERS
EVERYDAY we lose some of our LOVE for one another
EVERYDAY we seem to SETTLE for less….
EVERYDAY it seems we are TOLD what to do
EVERYDAY the AMERICAN DREAM Dies just a little more…

If you wonder as I do WHAT HAPPENED you need to look at the LEADERS of this WORLD, AMERICA & you own small COMMUNITY and what you will find dwelling there is some of the WORLDS most NARCISSISTIC Pathogens to ever crawl out or hatched from the EGG of a SNAKE….They are Selfish, Hedonistic, Liars , Corrupt, have no Morals, have no Scruples & have no Qualms about Selling you , your Family, your Loves, your Dreams, your LIFE as well as your GOD for anything they LUST for…..POWER, GOLD or PERVERSIONS…..


This Country, we once called AMERICA is GONE & DEAD….It has been replaced by the CHICANERY of the Myth, the Illusions, the Optics & a CULTURE that is apparently to STUPID to realize our DAYS ARE NUMBERED….What will the Last Will & Testament be?…..What will our Legacy be? Will there even be anyone around that REMEMBERS the Dream, The Prayer & the Faith to Build a more Fair (not perfect) world….Today’s world sounds like a Script from an old RAY BRADBURY book…even” FAHRENHEIT 451, THE ILLUSTRATED MAN, or the MARTIAN CHRONICLES!”

They say a fool & his money are soon departed….what the…..happened to our BRAINS….Lobotomies, Drugs or was there a tiny parasitical worm put on our pillows every night….we have become Robots or Zombies to our MASTERS…And I have BAD news for you they aren’t MESSIAHS either…. So go ahead and watch & listen to the Pathological Liars who CONTROL us & their Partners in CRIME the Damn Media,some where in the middle of the night your now Brainless body will respond to this message: PLEASE WAIT WHILE WE ARE UPLOADING PROPAGANDA….You don’t even know you’ve been had….conned out of everything….

Embellishing the TRUTH is Still a LIE and it is DEADLY…..And we no longer have any idea of what is TRUE anymore…



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