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Evelyn de Rothschild - Illuminati

As a young child I was a sports fan & I was always enamored by the Thought & Images that come to mind when you mention “THE HOUSE THAT RUTH BUILT” as it pertained to Babe Ruth and YANKEE STADIUM …..So with that in mind I conger up the thoughts that BARRY THE FAIRY says, regulates, bellows, blows , farts & Spews with his now Cliche, “YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT”…..OK let me ask you this……WHO IS IT THAT OWNS THIS MESS?  Who build this HOUSE of falling cards? And as far as I’m concerned this Present Course, Stanza , Verse, Chapter or Page was BUILT with INTENTIONAL Flaws…It was Build & Designed to Fail…..And it is…….
This is really more or less, “THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD”…..Today we know it or call it .”THE NEW WORLD ORDER”…..and the races we see there include George Soros, The Rockefeller family , Warren Buffet & younger TURDS like BILL GATES…who stole, conned, extorted their Fortunes…..First they buy & own all the Media…just like Hitler & Goebbels….then they BUY/ EXTORT the politicians ONE at a time & the Politicians sell us a Crock of Crap, Excrement, Lies, Propaganda & tempt us with our own GREEDS & LUSTS….And for the FOOLS that means the Own our DREAMS, They Control & Manipulate our every thought & just like CHICKENS that have just had their HEADS RUNG OFF….we are running around the  YARD not Knowing, not Realizing because of our Brainwashing we are DEAD……And I don’t want hear the crap or line, if your dead & don’t know it are you really dead BS….If your Carcass, you body, and your whole environment starts Reeking of a retched foul smell & you see MAGGOTS crawl everywhere….You are either DEAD or on a LSD trip….
There UGLY Truth is we helped build our own Prison, Death Camp or Slaughterhouse…through decades of Brainwashing & Behavior Modification …And let me tell you all that you Remember or all the Perceptions, Illusions, Delusions or Optics of Good Will or for that matter FEAR are Induced ,Controlled & Scripted by this Government…. THE HOUSE THAT WHO BUILT? We did….it was a con the whole time….

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