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I find the seeming overwhelming LACK OF support for APPLE , their Proprietary Interests & the Interests of there TRUSTED Base bewildering…..First anything This POLICE STATE wants I QUESTION & secondly anything BILL GATES (A younger George Soros in the making) I am DEAD SET AGAINST…Think about it….He’s NEVER BUILT a computer that Couldn’t Be HACKED…crap all he really wants is His POLICE STATE buddies to do What he was either too damn DUMB to do or couldn’t Steal…..
Shouldn’t we just CUT TO THE CHASE HERE & tell the TRUTH …this POLICE STATE is  trying to Strong Arm APPLE via Propaganda by SELLING FEAR…Well this is the one thing that this Dictatorship does well…..They don’t FEAR the MUSLIMS…crap they OWN them….But they do fear OLD SCHOOL People….This is about SPYING on all the REST of the Computerized word they weren’t already listening to….I don’t know how many of you know this , but supposedly if you own a SMART TV the NSA has a back door view of you….Really now most of us know that the NSA puts SPYWARE  into some programs & their SUBSEQUENT Updates you get periodically ……
This Government is LEADING all of us into a TRAP….It will Kill us all sooner or later…and let’s be candid here George Soros & his New World Order Boys would rather SOONER rather than LATER….The so-called ,”Yellow Brick Road” is really a BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER….it’s filled with SHARKS in the Water and Rattle Snakes , Cobras, Cannibals & RABID FAKE, FAUX  & DEGENERATE  RABID FALSE MESSIAHS scattered along the path…..And yet so many people walk around either Pretending they don’t see the STAGE is being set for the END of they are too stupid to care….CRAP all they want is their next FIX, their next HIGH & to FEEL nothing at all….Well I have news form them…..Picture if you will a CHICKEN getting its HEAD Wrung off…..Flopping, slopping & running around like its not dead….it’s a “SLOW DEATH MARCH” I hear playing in the back ground ….Are they playing your TUNE….

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