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I could go on & on about “America The Brave” being non-existent but why bother…If you don’t care just because “you got yours” why should you give a darn about anyone else….Well case in point if your a PARASITE & you get your Daily Fix you own Habit & Narcissism keeps you Numb & Under The Thumb of the Government Pushers…You are in the “Feds Bed” …or shall I be BLUNT….You are a Whore, a Prostitute &” You Soul To The Company Store’…..Does the name JUDAS ring a bell?  Then there are those Smaller Players who’ve been DUPED into believing they are “PLAYER” in the next UTOPIAN EXPERIMENT …..Which is Really just a new Marquee Sign over “CAMP COMMIE” …”BARRYLAND”. Essentially they are just bought off, Brain-Washed  , Brain-Dead ROBOTS that haven’t had an original IDEA in their Pathetic Lifetime and they are only PROGRAMMED to REPEAT what they’ve been told….Kind of like the HOLLYWEIRD Liberals who are given Scripts to MEMORIZE & act out on cue….As for all of the rest they have CAVED into the Fear Mongering…
When I was a child this world had just gotten through “WORLD WAR II”…..our fears were based around the NUKES & the Notion of a World where we destroyed each other…But something always told me that wasn’t going to happen…Crap the Russians looked just like us…We also had The Korean War, The COLD WAR & The Vietnam War…..The Vietnam War was a turning point for me…I was Draft Age,,,I had friends come home in “Body Bags”….And that’s when the Ball Game changed in this country….JFK was assassinated , MLK was assassinated , Robert Kennedy was assassinated & the MEDIA sold out to Liberalism & Communism ….I was in college by then, I read the George Orwell books, the Huxley books & the Ann Rand books….I learned to ask QUESTIONS & I haven’t stopped….I learned to TRY to look behind the OBVIOUS distraction and ponder what the real TRUTH was…..
But let me say this, even though we had moments like Khrushchev ‘s ,”We Will Bury You” speech at the UN….compared to this monument in time…well it seems like a BENIGN TUMOR….Today our Government sell fear better than HITLERS the daily doses of fear we are SPOON FED revolve around MUSLIMS, War with IRAN, The Wars in IRAQ & SYRIA, The REL LINE Game we play with RUSSIA, then again with CHINA& NORTH KOREA…..We are worried that our Government is allowing EVIL to Immigrate legally or not into this country….RACISM is worse than when I was a Child…..So hear we go again FEARING ,”Race Wars’……Wars between MUSLIMS & CHRISTIANS…..Wars on CHRISTIANITY in general….Wars on Jobs…..An Economy that’s been RIGGED to fail by the New World Order Boys, like George Soros, an aging Population & the DEATH of our HEALTH SYSTEM…and not for the better…..We have ZEALOTS from the left like Bill Gates (just a younger SOROS) who want POPULATION CONTROL…..I guess we will soon have Expiration dates & waning Use this Body by…such & such a date or face a Penalty of DEATH or ?????….
You know if I was in a Time Capsule & woke up  to THIS Worlds reality you’d think it was a BAD SI-FI MOVIE from the 50’s….And then you’d go home & have Nightmares every night for a week & you’d sleep with the light on……..Well the ugly truth is ZOMBIES walk amongst us…..The Lobotomies are done at SCHOOLS & via the Subliminal Messaging we see from the MEDIA the GOVERNMENTS new Best Friend………….FEAR is all they sell, that is other than NARCISSISM….GIVING NTO FEAR is what this REALITY has become, it is also the DEATH of a Beautiful Mind  & FREEDOM…..
This life should be about Family, Friends, Loves & Gods Grace…I don’t believe that is possible with the GOVERNMENT as it is….And sadly we haven’t even HIT BOTTOM.

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