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We now live in a World (if you can call it that) where People ( if you can call them that) have the “potentiality” or “opportunity” (which I believe it is) to be OFFENDED by anything that doesn’t fit their Narrative or their opinion….Having said that there is little as far as the Humanoid behavior is taboo , actually nothing but the CAVEAT is this ; what’s good for them, or what works for them RULES…. They are the Judge, the Jury & the Court…In a World, in this case it’s America the Liberals have pushed this Societies “Norms & Mores” into the next Galaxy …..Think about the evolution of reasonable rational behavior & how its Changed over the last 60 years….Especially I might add the last 20 years…The Homosexual Lifestyle in this country is not only legal its almost mandated….It’s being Taught as a course, a curriculum in Grade School…And so is Trans-sexuality, heavens forbid we can’t have the YOUTH of America not Prepared to be a Woman, a Man or a …crap whatever you call it on a moments notice……Most of us Growing up in Post WWII America didn’t even know what that actually meant….The only references I ever heard about the subjects was Play Grounds via jokes & stupid Movies like “MYRA BRECKENRIDGE”…..And as far as it goes the only real reference to “Pedophilia” was don’t take rides (in cars) with strangers….
However those were the days when the “Christian Mores” ruled……There were no abortions until the late 60’s….And yes for a Young Lady to get Pregnant was humiliating ( and it shouldn’t have been) many a Young Girl DIED at the hands of an Abortion  Butcher …That is Sad…..But so was the unfortunate deaths of Children who were Raped & Killed or committed Suicide later….It seems in Today’s America we have become NUMB to those thoughts….Lets be honest here, the change that this now Very Tolerant Liberals brought us , was not one of Compromise…. They gave little or no thought to the Victims, but they’ve made Victims out of the  “PREDATORS,” why? Well I don’t think it had anything to do with Fairness or for that Matter Tolerance…..Perhaps they the Liberals are the true PREDATORS, masking heir TRUE intentions in Three Piece Suits & Silk Dresses….
Most of this Country was Settled by Europeans , they came here seeking Freedom Of Religion…..They brought with them the Christian Values , Norms & Mores most of us grew up with….Maybe those values weren’t perfect, but they seemed to work well enough….The Hindu cultures, the Buddhist Cultures & others all seemed to Assimilate & Thrive in this Culture….Again it was not perfect, but it worked pretty well…..Those Cultures had a Strong Work ethic & a Family type of Hierarchy ….EXCEPT for the MUSLIMS…IMO they don’t belong anywhere but in their Own , “PIG STY”
The Communist in this world have been Chipping away at this Countries Foundation since actually WORLD WAR I & little by little we relented…..After World War II most of the Closet Communists in this country hid in the University System of this country….The Very smart ones became more than just the ACADEMICS or Professors, they became Union Bosses, they joined the ACLU, they became Teachers, Actors, Broadcasters & Little By Little they became Mayors, Police Chiefs,Judges, your local State Representative & some went Further into the Federal Government as your Congressmen or Senators….
And along the Happy Highway of ‘Self-Righteousness”  their EGOS & NARCISSISM grew inside their now Heartless Souls Like the Frankenstein Monster…..These little small minded, thin-skinned Sociopaths became (in their own minds)  Messiahs or GODS…That want to control EVERYTHING……And mind you it has little to do with HELPING  Humanity, they are Helping themselves to Everything you were, you are & you will be…
Freedom of Speech is DYING A Very Slow Death  in this country…..I’m old enough to remember early Night Club Performers who tried television in the 50’s & 60’s & their fights with censorship….Lenny Bruce , Mort Saul & George Carlin come to mind……Lenny had a BANNED Routine on Television about the SEVEN Words you could not mention…I won’t go there just use your imagination….
In today’s AMERICA where Muslims, Homosexuals & Gender Confusion has been SANCTIONED by this government , you will soon be Ostracized & Arrested  for not believing in “Climate Change” or Criticizing MUSLIMS, talking about Homosexuals or Transgenders or even Suggesting that Groups like BLACK LIVES MATTERS are Racist…….I and several others have been put in Social Media Jail more than a few times….I myself am in Face Book Jail now…. Admitting that I am or can be a Sarcastic Cynical  jerk at times it was never directed at anyone in particular except OBAMA , HILLARY, SOROS & the rest of the Gang of Neo-Nazi Sociopaths they Buddy up with….The sad thing is this, how can we ever get down to the Heart of the Matter, the Real Truth & find real Answers, Solutions, Meanings, Understanding , Peace , Love or Kindness unless we can TALK about it honestly? And that’s my point….We can’t, because those who run the Toy Store (Governments & Religions) cannot & will not EVER ALLOW it….That is how they stay in Power….
What you See, Hear & Feel everyday about AMERICA our Future , if there is one, is a LIE….We have been Conned by the Silver-Tongued Serpent…..We should have know better…..
FYI someone else will have to post this for me, till I get out of Jail for talking about Muslims, Gays, Hillary, Barry or Whatever excuse they can thing of …..

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