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10733903_872280882790954_8006173979634516248_oMaybe its just me, but Before I BELIEVE any POLL about an ELECTION, I would want to know TWO things at a Minimum….ONE (1) being I want to know What your Questions were, the EXACT Order in Which they were ASKED & who Male or Female (age) asked the QUESTIONS ….And then I would WANT a TOTAL Sample of the Demographics…By that I mean were they Rich, Poor,Spanish, Oriental, Hindu , African or  Caucasian…..

Texas Trump Supporters Ready To Secede

As someone who has spent a Lifetime dealing with “Salesman” I can assure you Even I can come up with a Questionnaire that can make you Agree with things you’d normally Run Away From…..Some might call it the “ART OF THE SALE” or its called “CLOSING THE DEAL” ….Crap , that why a Good or Great Salesman are called “CLOSER’S”

I’m not trying to say the POLLS are Lying, but I am Saying there is NO WAY to “VALIDATE the INTEGRITY”(if there is a such thing anymore) of the POLLS…..Which are at best Snapshots of a Moment & are at WORST used as Tools For PROPAGANDA (just like Closing a Sale) to Sway, to Influence & Force a Opinion or a Decision biased on a Certain Prejudice…..1016759_682661358444334_1317934616_n

I’m Sorry I don’t Trust anyone, none of us should…..I have NO FAITH or TRUST in anything that has anything to the Pathological Narcissistic Liars in Washington DC….That Especially APPLIES to the Media Owned & Controlled News Services Including POLLING…..Anyone in their Right Mind knows they are ALL Owned & Controlled by the COMMUNIST PARTY ( that includes both the Democrats & Republicans)

Shouldn’t we “Consider the Source” before we JUMP to the Conclusion that actually they WANT? I admit there are Times all of us are Guilty of Denial of the Truth…..I am only saying you Owe it to yourself & those you care about to be as Skeptical & Cynical as you dare……Your Life (as in the END) might just well depend on it….10610924_10205426182720724_7272783010561777395_n.

And we also SHOULD Keep in mind 95% of the MEDIA have Direct Ties to the Communist Party in power ….And nearly all of the Upper Echelon (at ABC, CBS,NBC, MSNBC , FOX & CNN has DIRECT TIES to NAZI-Lover, Obama -Puppet-Master (and Hillary’s LARGEST Financial Backer) George Soros…… Birds Of A Feather…..Really we once Judged a Persons “Character” by the Company or People they Surround themselves with….Would you Be Proud of the Association with a MAN (Serpent) that TURNED in his own Kind, Race (Jewish) to Hitler & the Death Camps…..And If I May ADD , he not only has NO REGRETS, he is Quoted as saying . “It Was The Best Time Of His Life”…….

Well Fools, Hillary will put the Final Nail in our Coffin, we pretty much boarded up the rest of it ourselves with our” Infinite Ignorance”


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