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This is not meant to insult anyone but, for all of those who have done more than their fair share of worrying about the Direction of the Country & it’s lack of Leadership (both FAUX Political Parties) I understand your angst & emotion….But I have to add “The Fractured Republican Party” was in disarray, splintered & directionless Long before the Primaries …..The FAUX Republican Party did NOTHING to Stop OBAMA & his “Edicts” or ‘Decrees”….And while I am at it might I remind you that “The Democrat Communist Party” owns all of the “Propaganda Media Channels” that even includes FOX (other than a handful) who Plays the Fall Guy to a TEE…

The sad Reality is thus, it does not make a damn one way or the other who the GOP Nominee was going to be….Bush, Cruz, Trump, Rubio or God himself , the COMMUNIST Regime cannot, will not allow ANYONE into to office unless its one of their own. Sounds familiar doesn’t it ? They will do anything to RETAIN their Death Grip on this Country…..George Soros paid MILLLION$ to pull this Coup off….He Will Not Walk Away a LOSER…..The Ends Justify the means….


The Bewildering thing is this, SOROS got the “Deal of the Century” He bought off all of the FAUX Republican & employed them to Kill their Own PARTY & make it look like Suicide or Self-Implosion….And all of the Old Fat cats would have Destroyed the GOP Nominee regardless of who it is…The Old Guard (Rove, Bushes , McCain , Romney etc) hated CRUZ & TRUMP equally…..Oh but wait this is the CLEVER Part, they ( & SOROS) got their DISCIPLES to do the heavy lifting…..You know its become so “IN” or “FASHIONABLE” to hate….Its the only excuse you’ll ever need in todays AMERICA…It even BREEDS & Multiply’s on it own….amazing…..



But this is the sad Part, Who are you tying to lie to about POST AMERICA BARRY & HILLARY ….I don’t care who your Boy, your Messiah is, there will be NOTHING LEFT worth Salvaging…..IMO AMERICA is already LOST….If you want it back , you best PREPARE for Blood & War…..MUSLIMS will come here by the MILLIONS at SOROS’S Behest….This is becoming a MUSLIM MECCA, QUICKLY …..This WHOLE Government SOLD AMERICA out…..there are about 537 Traders in Washington…..Remember that as you Cast your ballot (that will NEVER be Counted) for your JUDAS…

Hate & Division Murdered AMERICA, everyone got Played for the Fool & Chump …..We are apparently getting the Government (and death squads) we either wanted or deserved……There is no Saving Grace here….We live or die by our actions or lack thereof ….You best make peace with yourself before you face your maker……Have a great Trip into the Afterlife….Darkness or light …you chose, it was once your call….

There was a scripted line spoken by Strother Martin in the movie, “Cool Hand Luke” that seems more than fitting ; “What we have here is a FAILURE to Communicate” ….That is so true….

This is so eerily similar to WWII Nazi Germany it’s ridiculous….people TURNING on their own Kind , Friends & Family…the Ignorance in this CULTURE is unfathomable….…/george-soros-direct-ties-clint…/


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