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First of all let me get this out in the open , I’m sick of the Media & Political Hustle we are subjected to, it seems everyday & every minute of our lives, that is if in fact it is our lives…I’ve gotten to where I QUESTION Everything…First I will agree that America is a Nation of Immigrants, that however is not NEW, it the interpretation of what that means is where I’m  going…America (much to the Chagrin or Liberalism) IS NOT a Country with “Open Borders”….Where does it say that? Has a Federal Judge made an Addendum to the Law ? Doesn’t this come as “Wistful Thinking” on the Part of those Wishing to complete the “Counter Revolution” and take us to where Hitler, Mussolini or the Emperor Of Japan Couldn’t….That is to say DEFEAT  …
How many of the Fools, Tools & Mules of Liberal La-La Land understand that AMERICA has been at WAR (of one kind or another) for nearly 100 years? How many of you UNDERSTAND the wars really fought over MONEY, Banks, Currencies, Gold, Silver or Oil….And I’m not discounting the Humanity sides of these WARS, that was also Real or True….World War I & World War II were the same War, but with a 20 year pause in between …In the early 1900’s is when the Socialists, Communists (Later to be called NAZI’S) starting infiltrating this Land….By the time WWII started there was a big Push to Pick Sides…There Were Millions of GERMANS & JAPANESE either deported or put into Low Security Prisons….
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After WWII ,the ERA I grew up in, we had the McCarthy Communist Scare…We even had TV shows about it….But as far as it goes all the RED SCARE did is get a Few HOLLYWOOD Communists Black-Balled From Working…However the SMART ONES had already Infiltrated the ‘College Campuses” of AMERICA..Does Saul Alinsky ring a bell?  He is the Man who wrote the book “RULES FOR RADICALS!”. He was an out of the closet COMMUNIST….He was from  CHICAGO…Where is Hillary Clinton & Obama Come From? CHICAGO…In his Book he “Dedicated his book to “SATAN” do you need to know more?  These were the ones who produced the Law Professes who Created the ACLU . And they also Produced the Liberal Communist teachers that one by one went into public education…
Alinsky’s book was about How To Create a Socialist State…Its in a nut shell about Anarchy, Chaos & Destruction to force CHANGE…IMO its a plan that’s been going on for DECADES, that’s part of what the 60’s were about….Well these same Idealist have Infiltrated everything now…Remember now they all took Communism 101 in Berkeley, Harvard,.UCLA & more…They are all Spoiled Narcissistic Pricks (OBAMA- Bill AYERS) with Messianic Complex’s…
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OK let me add another name George Soros, a Hungarian Jew, a Hitler Youth, a Convicted Felon & the #1 State Sponsor of Terrorism in AMERICA. Besides IRAN or whoever…He is behind the European Open Borders Movement , as he is here…He was OBAMA’S & HILLARY’S #1 DONOR….He is also adopting every Rule Of War there was in the HITLER, GOEBBELS Play-Book ….including using MUSLIMS as Henchmen & needless to say “How To Use Schools & Media To Brainwash & Control People & their Behavior….
OK now with the above as the background lets look at what’s really happening here today….Do you really Honestly Think this Government, Particularly LIBERALS car about MUSLIM Immigrants & their Quality of life? Do yor really think they care about Illegal Immigrants From Mexico? Or for Women Rights, much less those of the Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual Counter-Culture? I sure as hell don’t …The ONLY PURPOSE the Muslims, the Mexicans, the Women & the Kinky Perverted Crowd Play is as Tools, as Props for Staging, Scripting & Acting Out The Last Page of AMERICA, The Republic, enter in AMERICA The Socialist New World Order Nation….
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It would be wonderful if in fact “We could All Just Get Along” but that’s not Possible & it fact Governments in the World don’t want that EVER….Chaos & Anarchy gave them their Power & Control…that ain’t changing…I’d love to Think we live in a World Of Tolerance, Peace & Understanding….But that is not HUMAN NATURE….POWER CORRUPTS , ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY….
If you haven’t go read the Books by ORWELL, HUXLEY & AYN RAND… They give you great insight as to the World/Hell we live in…History always repeats itself , there are no exceptions, we can’t learn what is no longer taught…Let me also say this I don’t give a DAMN whether you like TRUMP or not…This has nothing to do with him…Simply Put this is the EPIC BATTLE of  Good Verses Evil….we are all just Players in a game, the Stage is Set & the Music is about to start

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