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Post Election Thoughts & Starting the next Chapter

George Soros & his NWO was going to finely Kill the Beast (America) with Hillary at the Helm…They thought they had RIGGED the system such that HILLARY couldn’t lose….BUT in their Damn Arrogance they didn’t allow for AMERICAN’S ANGER at the voting Booths..

All of this STAGED CHAOS & ANARCHY we see with every breath we take is FAR MORE than Liberals Throwing a Temper Tantrum or Hissy Fit….Its the Back-up Plan…IMO this is a Prelude to WAR…not with RUSSIA, CHINA or IRAN….Its a War a Revolution, a Coup d’état happening RIGHT before your Disbelieving Eyes..

Every Damn Liberal & Member of the Communist Lame Brain Media has played a part in this…Nancy Pelosi & Hillary Clinton are on Booze & Coke Binges…The End could be Near we we don’t Frigging Wake The Hell Up

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The SOROS Owned Communists could feel our Death, they could Smell it…They are NOT going to Walk Away to Regroup to Fight another day….So with every passing moment there will be One More Staged Event, One More Death, One More Attack that will lead them ONE STEP CLOSER to their/Sosos’s Stated Goal AMERICA’S DEATH….

If you listened to the DAMN MEDIA you’d have thought TRUMP MURDERED 30 Million Muslims, Migrants or Whatever…Have we overdosed on EX-LAX & Shit our Brains Out, Seems like it….You know if I went/go the rest of my life Without hearing Another LIBERAL Squeal, Belch,Fart I’d Be Happy as Hell …Its not like their Ramblings are Coherent. Far from it.

These Blither Idiots are Blinded by the RAGE of HATE & SELF-HATE…They Hate every dam thing in the World…Narcissism is the only Rule they Play By…Messianic Complex’s get People Murdered, It destroys Families, Friendships, Cultures, Cities & Nations…What Apathy Doesn’t Kill , Arrogance will, then amongst all the Ruble left by the Chaos, Anarchy you’ll find an Abundance, a Plethora of IGNORANCE, the likes this World Has Never Seen…

Think about it this Way GEORGE SOROS is trying to Finish the Work of his IDOL….HITLER….Its working

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Light Grain



None of us are created Equal, But LIBERALS own Ignorance, exclusively

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