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LOGIC-REALITY-REASON-TRUTH ARE IN CONFLICT No automatic alt text available.

Trump has been POTUS for a Month….That by my calculation is 30 Days, Liberals see it as 30 Years In The Hole (Prison) but come on now, quit Hyperventilating on Your Own IGNORANCE….This Country has had to SUFFER through 2,920 days of Miserable Suffering Via the Muslim Savant, Savior,Messiah or Ignorant Bastard OBAMA, damn enough is enough… And I’ll readily admit George W Bush was not a Good, Strong, Smart of for that Matter Interesting POTUS…Add them all together 8 years of Obama, 8 years of Bush that’s 5,840 days of despair, misery & BLINDNESS….

I am going to be 100% BLUNT here, I don’ give a Rats Ass if you Like TRUMP of Not…But Hell he’s been there 30 days….The IDIOT Liberal Congresswoman WATERS from California is so Hyped up she apparently has to have ADULT DIAPERS shipped in by the CASE….Just In Case….Meanwhile Pocahontas WARREN keeps straying off the Reservation…Hell she doesn’t know where the INDIAN LANDS are…Stupid Bitch…You want to Add PELOSI, Crap shes so Hyped up on Coke & Booze she still Thinks BUSH is Still POTUS….IGNORANCE Has or Knows no BOUNDS as it pertains to the Scrambled Regurgitated FAUX Brains of the LIBERAL SPECIES …

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Do LIBERALS understand UTOPIA is a LSD DELUSION, that is as it applies to Todays Hellhole ! The reality is the Leaders, the Elite’s think (Drugs & Booze) they are GODS. Well they can F.O.. They’re anything but….they Work for SATAN Himself, George Soros Their SUGAR DADDY….

I’m a fairly simple man, Good Deeds reap Good rewards….But LIBERALS seethe world from a Skewed Point of Delusional View…The ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS…They are Classic Sociopaths or Narcissistic Assholes…They SELL HATE & MISERY to keep us divided…Sadly most of this Culture is so IGNORANT they don’t have a clue…Hell they can’t Read, Write, Add, Understand functionally …They don’t even know What Damn SEX they are or Want to Be…They are Semi-Functional Slaves to the LIBERAL MACHINE…Give them Free Shit & they will shit on or tear up anything….

The BAZAAR thing is the Forthcoming TRAIN-WRECK coming from them & Muslims….I’ll leave that for another day….It’s not like anyone Gives a Shit Anymore About Anything…And that’s why we’re Screwed

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What the Difference between a “Dung Beetle & a Liberal” They both eat shit?


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