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I’ve often heard it said sarcastically that while we all know “People are STUPID” they are sadly even More IGNORANT than that….What does that say about a Society, “pardon” a Cult that makes the claim that through Education we can “Solve the Worlds Problems”….HMM OK then tell me why the “Children of the Beast” that we send to School (at $20,000 per) cant Read, can’t Write & they apparently don’t even know what SEX they are, much less what they were born as….But tell me this ,how in the hell do you “Reconcile the fact that these Semi-Functional Brain-Washed Idiots are raised to be NARCISSISTIC JERKS & Apparently are Proud of their STUPIDITY ….

This is my Question though, This Generation Of Idiots doesn’t Have a SKILL, a TALENT or an Urge to do anything…Pardon again Bowel Movements don’t count….The only other thing they can do is Spread Excrement everywhere & Burn or Destroy things on CUE…..Nothing like being a ROBOT without a brain….

Lets be honest here these are the By-Products of the Ultra Liberal Communist, Fascist, Nazi, Progressive Liberal-ites ….They are also a VERY STUPID Version of the “NAZI Hitler Youths” …I shouldn’t have to tell anyone anymore who George Sosos is ….

The Ministry of Propaganda in America is one that only Hitler & Goebbles would be envious of & Proud of…95% are Rotten to the CORE Communists…Many of the Upper ECHELON work for one of Soros’s Groups…media Maters or whatever….it is what it is…

The People, The Inhabitants,the Sheep or Cave Dwellers haven’t been told the REAL TRUTH about anything since the JFK Assassination…Think about it we’ve never even been told the TRUTH about that….Pardon that was in 1963…5 decades later & nothing….I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion they are incapable of Telling the Truth & In Fact they have had to tell DECADES of Lies on top of more Lies to keep the “Ongoing Cover-up” covered…

This Country has been getting Sold-Off one Parcel, one freedom at a Time since WOODROW WILSON was POTUS…All that Bastard was in essence is a EARLY version of OBAMA….frigging Idiot Communist ….And by the way FDR wasn’t a damn bit better…Or LBJ….never-mind I’m getting into a Redundancy Pattern, I repeat myself…

So where is all this Headed? Has anyone here read the Books by HUXLEY, ORWELL or AYN RAND….Well the central point is thus ;you cannot ever TRUST POWER…..Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely….Look at ANCIENT GREECE OR ROME . How did it work out for them? Not Well….How about all the Monarchy’s in Europe….do any survive, that is with power ? Answer; hell no!

Does anyone know about the Rothschilds & how they wanted to Hoard all the GOLD in the World….Well The New World Order is about BANKS….they are controlled by Billionaires like the Rothschilds, Soros, Rockefeller’s who in turn control MEMBERS of ALL the Governments….they OWN, Control, Bribe or Extort most of the 537 Lizards, Snakes, Skunks & Maggots in Washington DC ….

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Let me mention the RUSSIAN Hacked our Elections CRAP….Soros had Friends who OWNED most of the Electronic Voting Machines in this Last Election….The Russians didn’t change one damn vote…..All of the Chaos & Anarchy we see everyday now is the LIBERAL COMMUNIST (Soros) PLAN B….Its a undeclared War….Its about Finishing off & Killing AMERICA…They will do anything it takes to do it….Body Counts, Burned Cities…they don’t care…

WASHINGTON DC ‘Lies” to us because they know if we found out the TRUTH we’d “Hang Every Damn One Of Them”

Everyday you should QUESTION EVERYTHING, especially as it pertains to your Freedoms & your Family…No one is telling you the Truth….its ALL OPINION


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