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Time & time & time again I as myself what is it about the “LIBERAL Sub-Species” that gives them the “Moral Authority” over ANYTHING, let alone “You or Me”….I mean if they “Want to Live (using the term loosely) in Squalor, Excrement with “Chaos & Anarchy” arriving with every “Foul Breath “they take,” well what the hell, its their own Business..But that not the way it goes down is it?

Is it that Liberals have all the Answers to Life’s Little Problems or is it their HATRED of the World, You, Me & Themselves is 100% Suicidal…It cannot be both….Is the Liberal Version of Democracy EQUAL Misery, Slavery, Hatred & Ignorance? There is a old cliche that goes,”The Family That Plays Together Stay Together” is that so out of vogue that the Practical Reality is, “The Family that Fails together, Goes To Hell Together?”

Wasn’t it Einstein that said, “The Definition Of Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over & Over Again & Expecting Different Results” Come on now Isn’t that what really gong on here….Faux Solutions for Government Created Problems….From the South we call that “Garbage In Garbage Out” but then again who really gives a damn anymore…”You can’t Put The Genie Back In The Bottle” when everyone is Too Damn Stupid to UNDERSTAND they are living a Life of “Servitude”
We no longer use or Practice an Idea of “Tough Love”….We have a Government NANNY STATE who was the Enabler…..She Sells the Drugs, the Propaganda, the Illusions, Delusions, the Optics, the Hyperbole & the BULL SHIT 24/7…via Faux Schools with Communist Professors & the Ministry Of Propaganda the MEDIA, the Hollyweird Actors & The Ultra-Left Music Industry…

What is the Difference Between the “PUSHER MAN” who wants to keep you chained to your Addictions & a Government Nanny State that’s Doing it via Pharmaceutical Drugs, Alcoholism,Food Stamps, Free Government Housing & Free Health Care? NONE, fools………….All you gotta do is VOTE FOR JOE, NANCY, HILLARY, on the Democratic Communist Progressive Liberal TICKET , oh & give up all your Freedoms, Dreams, hopes & Prayers…Oops Prayers are Illegal except for MUSLIMS…I digress

You know, I’m Old School ,a Relic of the Past or if you will an Antique , that isn’t Wealthy , wise, nor do I PRETEND to have the ANSWERS to the FAUX Problems….But I damn sure know this, WHAT WE HAVE NOW, isn’t Working, Its Never Worked & it Never Will Work, that is if you “Have A Brain” LIBERALS don’t have a Functioning Brain.

I can only say this with certainty this “NARCISSISTIC IGNORANCE OR ARROGANCE ” is KILLING America, its Killing You & Your Family…..COMPLY with the Government & They will make you PRISONERS & you’ll Pray for Death…And yes Fighting them may well cause DEATH, but in the words of Hank Williams Sr, “No One Gets Out Of This World Alive”



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