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We now live in a world, in a country (America) where it now seems more like the “Twilight Zone” than it does any kind of “Rational Reality !” Think about it there is no Logic left in what we see HAPPENING all around us, unless you accept the not so “Absurd Notion ” that its by design…That’s the only way it makes sense, otherwise all this Excrement we see 24/7 is “Preposterous!”

Lets examine a few thoughts or ideas for a moment ….There is no Rhyme, Reason or Logic for the LGBT Community to Embrace more MUSLIMS in this or any Community-ever! Other than the Fact a Muslim will Have SEX with “Anything” they hate the idea of Homosexuality….Shit I doubt very seriously they (Muslims) even Know what a TRANSSEXUAL is….Hell I’m not to sure I do, now want to…But if LIBERALS are Screaming for “Tolerance & Understanding from the CHRISTIAN Communities, why “Pray-Tell” do the Frigging Muslims get a “Free Pass” & a “Get Out Of Jail Card” too ?

Why do today’s LIBERALS ( Lizards walking in their Hind Legs) Embrace people like Margaret Sanger who hated BLACKS ? Why do they Claim the Republican invented Racism & the KKK when its the “Exact Opposite?” Why did this Government tell & sell everyone the Idea that “Education” was the ONLY ROAD to Freedom, out of the Ghetto & away from Servitude, when the “Practical Reality” was the “Opposite!”

We were Taught when I was young (as unlikely as that seems) that “Self-Reliance & Empowerment could make us MASTERS of our own World….That being said “What has Schooling, Education & if you will Parenting” done to Further that cause….Its made it worse….In fact you could “Make The Argument” as I do It was a CON, a SCAM or a PONZI SCHEME the whole time….Instead of Uplifting people , Training, Mentoring, Teaching & Showing by Example….our Fearless, Ball less, Hate Filled leaders have Made EVERYONE EQUAL in IGNORANCE or STUPIDITY…..

Lets look at the term HATE, its the one that LIBERALS toss around like it was their Creation & that they have the ONLY answer or cure for….Do we really Understand that HATE is many things….Lack of Understands, its Envy, its Jealousy, its Greed based on what assumptions? Is it Race, Color, Nationality, Wealth (or Lack thereof) Family, Region, State, Place or Religion ? I could go on, why bother…The one I didn’t mention was Language or Communications..

In My opinion it looks more everyday like we’ve been set up, for a fall…Ignorance & Apathy paved that road all to well, I might add..

The “ART OF CONVERSATION” in AMERICA is DEAD or rather it;s dying….It is already dead in EUROPE….. There is NOT a single one of us I this WORLD…Rich Man, Poor Man, Black, Irish, French or Spanish that doesn’t have Problems, Obligations & a lot of them..we have to Eat & Provide Shelter for Families & ourselves…To do so we had to learn to become Hunters, Fisher, Carpenters,Merchants, Luthier’s, Minstrels, Actors, Writers, Teacher & Preachers….I intentionally did not INCLUDE Politicians…for I do not see them as Necessary for LIFE in any form …I digress …Problem is that “If we don’t TALK to one another” we fail & we fail badly…

Shouldn’t we be honest here, no one like to be Offended, but “Political Correctness” made everything Worse…However those In the Government knew that…its not like they give a damn.

The way I See “GOVERNMENT” is they just like their Kinfolk in the MAFIA want a Piece Of The Action…I would be one thing if they could “Maintain their Greed” but they cannot ….Power just like a DRUG is an Addition….We have a Professional Class Of Politician in today’s world & the only thing thy DESERVE is “Life Without Parole” all they do is harm…But they do it for a reason….TO STAY IN POWER…So they Sell Hate with every breath they take…the Stupid Ignorant Sheep in this Country eat that Excrement like it was candy…they seem to love it…However will they still love it when the CLOCK Runs Out….

Liberals have but one GOAL & that is to Complete Americas ¬†Transition into a SOCIALIST STATE…The “Ends will Justify Any Means” They Smell Blood..Essentially they are Conning, Shaming the American Ignoramuses into Mass Suicide by Compliance….

Debt like Hate is not Perpetual, it like a Disease, a Cancer will sooner rather than later Ravage the Body, Mind & Spirit ….We are ALL DYING a slow ugly death & all we do is deny it….Sure it could get better,,,but other than “Divine Intervention” the BODY DOES NOT HEAL ITSELF…RHYME REASON & LOGIC are Dead…


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