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Sometimes as a week ends & another one begins I like to turnaround and access where I’m at or going, at this point in time….I guess like an “Old Dog” who leaves a “Piss Trail” to “Mark His Territory” I’m no different….I just might want to find my way out of “This Maze” or is it a “Trap” we find ourselves in ….So Where or What is this World or State we find ourselves in? Its perplexing, its confusing, its a Contradiction in & of itself …

As I see it, this is a World that’s now Changing..This country is no longer the America I grew up in…If your’re a Liberal Communist you say BRAVO! On the other hand if you’re a Conservative,a Libertarian or Christian you see it as the END of the World…If you Listen to the Faux, Fake, Phony Narcissistic Politicians you hear different “Versions Of Doom” being thrown at you…And if you’re “Predisposed to listen to the ‘Liberal Communist Main Stream Media” all you hear about is Anarchy, Chaos & Imminent Doom or War as they “Lament the Loss of their MESSIAH Obama & the Loss of what they say as a “Sure Thing Rigged Election”


But how did we “Fall That Far Down” that quickly? Or was it quick? Maybe all of this was just a Step by Step methodical Plan…What if I said this was a Plan that’s been going on for DECADES…The Erosion’s of “all our Freedoms” goes back at least 100 years…But without getting into History & Conjecture lets stay with this era…

The TWO 4 letter words that we’ve Manipulated by are “FEAR & HATE” its the Hook line in Every Speech…It in every Verse, Refrain or Chorus….Its the Moral in every Sermon…You can Turn off the Radio, the Television, Your Computer but it Still ECHOS off of the Sun & Moon & throughout the Universe….Politicians use Fear & Hate to Manipulate us… And sooner or later we become Prisoners of it…Then we ask for Help, Guidance & Protection…And that is how we get SUCKED into the Con….


The MAFIA called it a Protection Racket or Scam, but when your Conditioned to Cower , to Run, to Hider you’re too BLINDED by your Fears to understand…And they know it….Ask yourself this why were we Conditioned to FEAR Muslims? Why are we Called Racists? Why are we accused of being against Women’s Rights, the Rights of the LBGT Community or the Illegal Immigrants? When did we become so “Intolerant & Cruel?” Or have we?

I see it as THEM pushing their Agenda, faster & faster & faster….They see Communism Ascending & Freedoms Dying….They want Control Now, not later..My Favorite Author “MARK TWAIN” said this,”if elections made a difference governments wouldn’t allow it” VOTING at best Buys Time, Period! The Problem with TIME is that People get Apathetic or Lazy….Governments & the Powers “Behind the Curtains” know that….So they Wait us out! They Play Ugly MIND GAMES full of HATE, ENVY & FEAR MONGERING…And today you can turn on your Television, Radio or get into any Conversation & you’ll see it,hear it & Smell it…


I do not have any LOGICAL Answers to any of this Staged, Played, Acted & Dramatized WAR that we see playing 24/7…..YES, LIFE WILL GO ON, but in what form? Its UGLY & its far from over….The Real Enemies of Freedom, of America are not Necessarily MUSLIM or LBGT Idiots, the ENEMY is WASHINGTON DC & the MEDIA, they are in Cahoots with the Bilderbergs, Rothschilds & Soros’s who want a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT

This World/America has changed. Ask yourself this ,we all have Sacrificed Freedoms, Blood & Money for this Illusion or Phony UTOPIAN Village….was it worth it? I’m not so sure, but this is the only hand we/I have to play…Right now it is not a lot of fun!



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