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Drugs , Booze & Hallucinations


I have yet to figure out & understand (not that I really want to) the Mindset of a LIBERAL…Just what is it about these “Narcissistic Lizards” that make them “Passionately Hate” so? I mean were they the real “Children Of The Corn?” Having said that they are Sponsored by “Hitler Youth” George Soros who Actually makes “FREDDY KRUEGER” from the movie “Friday The Thirteenth” look like a “Choirboy”

So what Makes A Liberal Tic? Were they all “Abused Children, Poor Children, Spoiled Children” or for that matter “Privileged Children” of the Elite Class( or want to be class)” In My Opinion its a little of all of them at least as far as the SHEEPIE-OIDS” go….But as it pertains to the Faux Leadership Class” of SHEEPIE-OID its mostly the “Privileged Class!” What makes them Hate So Much? Most of them grew up in Conditions & with Opportunity that we’ve all ‘Dreamed Of. Money, Cars, Education, Jobs , the Jet Set! They’ve traveled the World enjoyed all the “Luxuries” that a Privileged life offers…Yet they Hate, they Sell Hate, Envy, Jealousy & spew it with Venom-24/7!

I’ll offer up an old cliche here; “When is enough ,enough? Why do people who seemingly have it all, “Want It All?” Is it an Addiction or is it a “Messianic Complex” from HELL?…Or is it both & more? Could it be these “Egos Run Rampant” are they themselves Victims of their own “Self Loathing” & “Success?”


Look at it this way , success brings “Spoils Of Abundance” or “Temptations” The Personality Types of the Liberal Communists invite Personal problems… They develop addictions & they can get by with it because #1 they have MONEY & #2 they have the Power….Along they way perhaps because none of them have worked a “Day In Their Lives” maybe they have INGRAINED “Seeds Of Doubt” The Hate & Self-Hate break through….Many of these Liberal Idiots are Alcoholics, Coke-Heads & that leads to their “Delusions Of Grandeur”…..I grew up in the 60’s when we called it Hallucinations….The end result for the Common Man is a NIGHTMARE….

Most of the Self-Serving Bigots , Racists, Parasites, Criminal Communists we call our Government, Congress, that reside in Washington DC have “Mental Issues” but they’ve been allowed by our Stupidity, Ignorance & Apathy to get a free pass….They Bribe, Extort & Sell Hate…they make it sound like “The Other Dude” stole your UTOPIAN VILLA…

We all look at a “DOPE DEALER ” as one who sells Misery via Addictions….What is the Difference between one of them & a Member Of Congress? The Drugs , Booze & Hallucinations are the same



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