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Just Another,”For What Its Worth” Expose!



These days it seems like we go from one Disruption to another…The stage is set, the cameras are rolling, the script writers are writing & the “Bad Actors” are awaiting their moment to walk across the stage & do their thing…. All the Rhetorical blathering is rehearsed, the props are in place & the Ignorant Idiots are in the Audience lapping up the “Sugar Coated Excrement” on Cue…And then the Chaos & Anarchy Theater starts anew , next chapter, next page & but with he same RESULT…..Hate & Divide is apparently never ending..Well at lest it is as far as Liberals , Progressives, Marxist, Nazi’s, Communists, Socialists & Fascists go….

While many, especially the Liberal Sub-Species do their BEST to sell VISIONS of UTOPIA, they honestly are selling the Opposite….Since Creation Governments have ‘Tried to Sell” Morality via Laws & its NEVER EVER WORKED….Or perhaps its “Just A Plan, a Con or a Scheme” to trick us all into SLAVERY….It seems to me that the “Oppressors, the Elite’s or our Captors have never given up on the the Idea that the MASSES were created to be their Servants…..Does “Serfdom” ring a bell with anyone? Think about it SLAVERY comes with different versions….Addictions are one, debt is another so is Extortion & Fear….

Why is it that the People in the World can’t get along? They Fear what they don’t understand! But don’t most of us really just want to Live our Lives in Peace? Don’t we all want to Laugh, Love & Prosper? Weren’t we taught to Honor & Respect our Elders, those who went before us and PAVED this road we are on? Didn’t we ONCE want to protect the Innocence of the Child? Didn’t we want our Children to Learn fro our Mistakes? Wasn’t that in part what History was all about?


By & Large I see People as People…White Man, Indian, China Man, Black Man, Hindu & Spanish….All our”Primal Roots” our needs & Desires are mostly the same…I spent the Early part of my Life as a “Musician” & I spent all my latter years as a “Remodeler” ….,In both vocations I had to Meet & Deal with the Public & you had to LEARN to deal with people to make a living….I had to sell either my MUSIC or my TRADE to a Variety of People….I was just as comfortable talking to a Korean, a African American, a Hindu, an Indian as I was some RED NECK in South Texas…..You had to LEARN what seems to be LOST nowadays the “Art Of Conversation” IMO to sell ones self you had to be TRUE to yourself & your Client or you’d be a FAILURE….Enter in ‘Political Correctness”

The LEADERSHIP in WASHINGTON DC has been playing the “RACE CARD, SEX CARD, RICH MAN , POOR MAN CARD” for at least 100 years…..Lets get REAL here AL SHARPTON & JESSIE JACKSON etc are just as RACIST as any WHITE BIGOT In the KKK….Reverse Racism is still Racism….Except in their cases they’ve made MILLION$ because of it….Think about it this way & ask yourself  this question; who Benefits from all of this Stages Chaos & Anarchy? Shall we use a cliche here,”Just Follow The Money?”

The Idea it seems If you’ve read any History & know much about the people behind the Curtain….Look at Carl Marx, look at Saul Alinsky & Lenin they basically wrote the PLAYBOOKS that Every DAMN Liberal in the World use to Manipulate the Lies & Propaganda, to in turn get what they WANT ….What they WANT is everything….What do they Care is Muslims, Blacks, Spanish , Jewish or Caucasians KILL OFF each other….Its just a “Big Game of Monopoly” to them….


There is in FACT a “REVOLUTION” going on, or if you’d rather call it a WAR…well so be it …Its about WHO CONTROLS Your or Our Lives….There is in effect only ONE “Political Party”…Other than a Hand full they are just Fighting over the Spoils of War….Sometimes the CYNIC in me says even THAT is STAGED to make it look Real, Authentic & Believable….

There is not ONE CENT of TRUTH coming out of Washington DC or its Partner in Crime the “Main Stream Media”…They are All LIARS….And IMO there may be People “Burning In Hell” that have or had more HONOR than they do….

We Created ARMY’S to protect us from Invaders like he Russians, The Chinese or the MUSLIMS, so Who’s going to protect us from our GOVERNMENT located in Washington DC? The Only thing that Protects & Unites us is the TRUTH & in these Times That’s Pretty damn hard to find. History does in fact Repeat itself, but its no longer taught…its FICTION now…


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