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Do you ever get the feeling you’re watching a “Rigged Horse Race?” Have they recreate the old “Cliff Hanger Serials like,”The Perils Of Pauline?” I can’t speak for you, but I do, it can be summed up in part by the old term “Deja Vu!”…I guess fundamentally there are no “New Original Thinking Writers” anymore so they keep rehashing, recycling, regurgitating the same Brain-Dead Crap “Not-Imaginable”…So with that in mind lets be honest here there is no such animal or things as “Original Thoughts” anymore….Honestly if you studied what is apparently “Taboo Now” that thing we used to call History…It has all been done or thought of before….

Life for a GENERAL is/was nothing but a “High Stakes Chess Game!” Alexander The Great knew that as did Napoleon,Pershing, Patton, Washington, MacArthur and many others…If you are a Scientist you have to have the type of Imagination that’s goes far beyond Dreams, Curiosity,Wishing or Prayers….And in all cases it does take Talent….Einstein, Tesla & all the others we’re not “Ordinary Folks or People!” But they did so some things that are no longer considered “Guiding Principles” “They had to WORK to become a”Masters Of Their Craft”..Work, well hell we can’t have anyone do that anymore..I mean what Good can “Apprenticeships” do anymore…Don’t Public Schools, Liberal Run Colleges/Universities & Liberal run “Fantasy Factories” like Television & Hollyweird provide all that & more…And if they Aren’t then What In The Hell Are We Paying All This Wasted Money Into? Don’t bother answering that, hell some of us know a Scam, Con & a Rip-Off when we see it…And as far as it goes all the rest of the Useless, Inept, Pathetic, Semi-Privileged Idiots that think they are now Messiahs, Savants or Soothsayers , well go play with yourself on another Land, Planet or Universe …..ASAP

Now that I’ve meandered here & there, allow me to bring up what some see as “New Revelations” about the FBI, CIA & NSA hacking our Telephones, Computers, Televisions, Cars, Cameras & Microphones….Other than TWEAKING their systems & Broadening their Capabilities many of us have known for YEARS they were doing it ….What the hell, why are so many Surprised? In this “LIBERAL UTOPIAN STATE Of MADNESS” everyone is the DAMN ENEMY….especially if you don’t “Subscribe” to their own point of View….

Those in Power are a “Special Type Of Creature…They are Classic Sociopaths , Narcissists, Ego-Driven, Self-Serving, Self-Righteous, Hypocritical , Paranoiac Parasites that are almost totally Insane…So they LISTEN to everyone in the “Whole Wild World Of Sports!” I won’t be specific here but think about this, almost ALL of the Individuals involved in the MUSLIM Terror Attacks in this Country were under GOVERNMENT Surveillance…The Cynic in me First say’s “Hmm” & then I ask a TWO-FOLD QUESTION”…#1 What good did it do? #2 Who’s Side are these Bastards really on anyway?

Our Government will ALIBI all this excrement by saying all of us need to Worry about Russians, Chinese, Iranians or MUSLIMS & Home Grown Terrorists….But come on now lets get REAL for a SECOND….With a Population of 300 Million rather than SERIOUSLY Look for the EVIL PERPETRATORS, they do surveillance on those Average Mom & Pops that go to Church, Pay their Taxes (like it or not) & somewhat go with the FLOW…..

OK people we have a GOVERNMENT spending BILLION$ that onlyAct like they’re Protecting us,that they Care & they’re Doing everything Possible to make SURE your Grand Kids make it to the next “MILLENNIUM” What the Hell people, they’re Spending your/our Money like the DRUNK, COKED-UP Prostitutes that many of us have come to expect…I’ll ask an ABSURD Question here…It the NSA & CIA Tapping the Phone Lines & Computer Networks Coming from anyone living on the GEORGE SOROS Estates….If they are they’ll soon be “Pushing up Daisies”‘

‘Yet it seems People Cannot or Will Not come to GRIPS with the FACT we’ve been SOLD OUT….Does the Name JUDAS ring a bell….I will say this again, this country is being Set-Up for a Fall…Sooner rather than Later…It’s either that or we have in WASHINGTON DC a government that doesn’t know or understand the Difference between GOOD GUYS, BAD GUYS & WISE GUYS…. And I don’t believe that’s the “Road We’re On!”

It’s now been LEAKED that the NSA & the CIA have the ability to make it “Look as if it was the RUSSIANS Hacking us” Hmm with that being said was it the “Russians That Hacked Hillary or the Election” or was it the CIA…just saying !

Let me add this, by & large this has NOTHING to do with TRUMP….Its the Fact is the Liberal Communists are PISSED as Hell they lost an ELECTION they thought they had rigged….There in lies the Anarchy & Chaos we will see & will continue to see for the Foreseeable Future…


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