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This Wold & America are in a “Constant State Of Chaos” & it would be one thing if the “Change” was for the better, but its anything but….There are so many things we call our Freedoms under assault at this moment I can “List Them” but why bother you might as well say “All Of Them!” Amongst the ‘Greatest Fallacies” that we fall “PREY TOO is the “Assumption” that it will “All Work Out In The End!” Well I hate to tell or give you the “Bad News” but there are “Men, Women & Children” pushing up daisies who thought that! Did we “Grow up Watching television shows like “The Long Ranger” thinking Someone was going Ride/Fly or Swoop In & Save The Day? Well this thing we once called “Reality” dispels that “Erroneous Rumor!”

Most of our “Basic Freedoms” are NOT EVEN a “Reasonable Facsimile” of what they were a “Decade Ago” much less what most of us have Witnessed in our “Lifetimes!” It seems we’ve totally “Lost Our Stream Of Consciences”or “Moral Compass” ..”.If the Shoe Fits, Wear It!” I guess my point here is using part of a Lincoln Quote; “A Divided Nation Will Fall”…And that is EXACTLY what this WASHINGTON DC Government has Spent DECADES Doing ….”DIVIDING US” We took to Bate, “Hook, Line & Sinker”

If you were “Outside Looking In” & watching all of the Staged Action” fro a Faraway Hill or Mountain, you would have to ask several Questions. You’d start with the “Battle Lines!” So lets make this a WWF Wrestling Match…the Good Guys in the “Right Corner” & the “Bad Guys” the Liberal Progressive Communists in the “Left Corner “…But the Referees are the Oligarchy & the Announcers, the Masters Of The Faux Ceremony” is the “Main Stream Communist Media” I know that’s a bit Cynical & Satirical, but I am trying to make a POINT…..The FIRST STAGE of this “Epic Battle” is a WAR OF WORDS….It a Propaganda War & I hate to Tell you , we are losing our ass…

Unless you are part of the Left Liberal Machine, your Opinions, your Thoughts, your Dreams, your Questions are No Longer “Relevant”…In other words , if you are a Christian, a Conservative, a Libertarian you DON”T EXIST…You are either “Part Of The Machine” or you are a BIG ZERO!

It would be one thing if the Liberal Communists offered Plausible Realistic Solutions but they don’t….You’d have to be “Terminally High On Drugs, Booze or Both” to believe any of these Concocted Delusions….They throw out “Recycled Excrement” like MUSLIMS will Lay down their ARMS & quit Killing & Beheading Jews & Christians when they get GOOD JOBS & GLOBAL WARMING is Stopped …Sure….Ask yourself this; what did OBAMACARE actually do….#1 made a Problem Worse, #2 created a New Entitlement for the Emerging “Welfare State” & #3 created a Semi-Permanent Democrat Voter…What will UNISEX Bathrooms actually do or cure…not one thing…

Isn’t it time or us to admit we’ve been beaten into “Submission” by the Relentless Propaganda & Actions of this Government.& its Puppet the Media.. According to the LIBERALS the Worlds Greatest Humanitarian “George Soros has PAID MILLION$ into all these Protest & Anarchist Groups ….Are you really Ignorant enough to believe he’s doing this Because he Wants to “SAVE AMERICA?” That’s a preposterous insane assumption or conclusion …

I wonder what the Communists is Washington DC would do if all of the Christians, the Non-Liberal Jews & Conservatives “Surrounded Washington” & treated them the same way, the same Chaos the Black Lives Matters, the Women’s Marchers, LGBT Groups have the Rest of us?….

George Orwell once said this;”The Best Way To Lose A War Is To Surrender!” By not fighting toe to toe, tit for tat that’s what we’re vicariously doing…Doing Nothing will created our early Graves… Are we picking up the Pieces & Moving on, or is it actually Feces ? You Tell me! We are Losing this War..


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