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On any particular day & any given moment you can hear the “Liberal Soothsayers” list in any given order the WORLDS PROBLEMS….Some-day’s it’s Served with a “Sugar-Coating” when they espouse their Solutions & other days its served with Scorn, Hate & Doom when they speak of “Opposing Viewpoints” …Their Condescending Arrogant attitude is “Telling” at least in my opinion! They see it as “How could Anyone Anywhere at Any Times CHALLENGE their Messianic Point of view….

With the LIBERAL Communist its always served “De Jour”, what’s hot & what’s not…. Their “Mindless Drivel ” will Slobber all over topics such as, Equality in America’s “Bath Rooms!” Or one Step Further LGBT rights! Then they Rake their Fingernails across the Blackboard for MUSLIM Rights, Illegal Immigrants…They may well Espouse & try to take “Victory Laps” a it pertains to OBAMACARE( that’s Failing but don’t tell anyone)…They might even for another Moment try to Remind us, Tell us & Force us to think that their “False God, Prophet, Savior, Messiah Muslim & Communist POS saved “Communist America” from the ‘BIG BAD WOLF” Capitalists , Conservatives, Christians….It always seems TELLING when we “Ask” the question “is Americas best Days Behind or in front of Us” with a LIBERAL its ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS only if we Totally Embrace their WAY OF LIFE also know as COMMUNISM or SOCIALISM

In the END all we ever talk about is the “Superficial Excrement” never ever the real issues….This Government (Welfare State) adds one Entitlement after another for the “Cave Dwellers” but the REAL Problem is WE are BANKRUPT….Where are they going to get the MONEY….Do you think the NEW WORLD ORDER Pricks & Dicks like George Soros or the Rothschild’s are going to BAIL US OUT? Hell they’re the one pushing this “END GAME”….There are more PEOPLE (using the term Loosely) working for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT than there are working in the “Private Sector” ….We also have a GROWING, BOOMING & EXPLODING Class of Parasites On WELFARE….Food Stamps, Medicaid & Government Housing..And this Continuum will either Go On Forever or until we File For Bankruptcy….

We’ve all been taught that America is the Leader in the Free World….I’m fine with that thought, BUT to continue America needs to be HEALTHY….I hate to be the bearer of Bad News but AMERICA is Sick….Liberalism which is just another Word for Communism, Fascism , Socialism & lets through in some” Hedonism” for good measure has Destroyed this Country….First they SHAME you & then they EXTORT & BRIBE YOU into doing what they want you to do…Some call it Manipulation, I call it “Behavior Modification” …in the end its a CON, a SHAM & a FRAUD! Oh but we never ever call a Spade, a Spade do we? Telling the TRUTH has now become “Telling A Story”..My problem is there are Some who believe this “Mindless Drivel Dripping From The Ass-End of The JACKASS !” The DRUGGED DRUNK CULTURE Continues, I guess!

How does one “Rationalize” this Behavior? Are we on our DEATH BED? Is this our “Last Hurrah?” Is this our “Bucket List?” I mean if that’s so , “How Long Do We Have?”….I’m sorry but If I’m Dying I want to Know it! I just Might want to Make Peace with those I’ve Wronged…Or Say thank you’s to those who “Stood By Me” ….But this “Song & Dance Routine” we get from Washington DC (both Faux Party’s) & their Partners in crime the “Main (lame) Stream Media” just ain’t cutting it with this “Country Boy” ….Everyday you are invited to “Follow The Little Red Bouncing Ball” into La La Land, where everything is just a By-Line, a Story, a Illusion, a Delusion, a Pipe-Dream & Propaganda…but sadly its just a CHARADE MASQUERADING as some ‘Utopian Shanghai-La, Liberal HELL-HOLE….

UNDERSTANDING WHAT’S IN PLAY is the trick here….it’s never what you think it is…It’s just a deception & it always was….This is the SAME GAME that caused ROME & ATHENS to fall….AMERICA is on that same path….And understand this, it’s”Not Because” it has to be this way, it’s because ‘So Very Few See It” ..Americans no longer want to hear the Truth, Ignorance has won that battle….You have to BELIEVE, what do we believe in anymore? ANSWER: Little to Nothing & too Damn Few Do That!….Whoever said SUICIDE IS PAINLESS was a Liar!


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