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The Not-So-Silent “Coup d’état” Continues

With every passing Moment, Second, Day,Week & Month the “Climate Of Hate” continues in Washington DC….As far as it goes there is a line many have thrown out in recent times that goes;”Elections Have Consequences!” That is apparently a TERM you can use no matter if you Won or Lost an Election….With that thought in mind if you Watch, Observe & Listen to the Liberals, Totalitarians, Socialists (NAZI-LITE) if you don’t win you “Circumvent Everything” throw a Hissy, Prissy,Sissy Cowardly Narcissistic “Shit-Fit” & Try to “Burn Bridges, Businesses, Homes & Hold your BREATH till you get what you Want….Well If you Ignorant Blithering Idiots could think I would remind you of this: the Empress Of Darkness Hillary is a “Drug Addict, an Alcoholic, a Sadist Anti-Christian, Muslim Loving Lesbian ….Who Like her Friend from the BAY AREA in California (PELOSI) hasn’t had a Sober Clear Moment in DECADES…And your throwing a Snit-Fit For that Bitch….Idiots Go Get A Life & leave the rest of us ALONE….PLEASE!

The Fact they LOST an Election they Thought {erroneously) they had RIGGED is what gave them “Terminal Diaper Rash” And to add Insult to Injury Rather than admit HILLARY was an Inept Bad Candidate, regroup to Fight Another Day over REAL ISSUES…They Create & Recreate & Recreate The False, Faux, Phony Narrative the RUSSIANS did It it ….You know I thought that by Now that “Scripted Line of Excrement” would have been FLUSHED…..Apparently there is an INFINITE amount of “LIBERAL EXCREMENT” much to my “Chagrin” I must admit…

Just as an Observation, The Liberals are Burning Down America, the Culture, the History & what little Hope or a Future we have….They’ve employed Degenerates, Idiots, Parasites & Brain-Washed Zombies that Have No SKILLS, No THOUGHTS ,IDEAS or DREAMS of their own…They are the YOUTH of AMERICA….They were & are the Product of a USELESS SCHOOL SYSTEM ….Schools no longer Teach anything, they TRAIN….Schools have been for Decades all about BEHAVIOR, not Intelligence….They are nothing but “Glorified Trained Monkey’s of Lab Rats” …Take your pick of the Term…but STUPID & IGNORANT they are ….

What’s really happening in WASHINGTON DC is a TURF WAR….It’s getting UGLY too..The NEW WORLD ORDER Circus Handlers (Members of the BILDERBERG GROUP) could smell our DEATH….So Now they have Moved onto “PLAN B,C, D or Whatever….They will Attack every sacrosanct institution this Country (America) has left…That was in part what OBAMACARE was all about….If you’re the Dealer (LIBERALS) you need to create a class of Parasites, Addicts or Freeloaders…then your POWER is ABSOLUTE & Permanent….

What these TURF WARS are really doing is dividing us….That why they sell HATE …Liberal Politicians specialize in pitting Races, Sexes, Privilege, Money, Religions & Nationalities against each other ….And BTW it’s working…Meanwhile we get to “Watch The Same Old Side-Show Carnival Act” we’ve seen for DECADES…..The DOG & PONY SHOW will use TRUMP as the Focus for Hate & Pompous Rhetorical Blathering…but it all about Chaos & selling Frustration to the Few Americans that “Still Give A Damn!”

So instead of Doing or Attempting to do something PRODUCTIVE for “Real Tax-Paying, Law Abiding citizens what do the do…..END RESULT =NOTHING! ….All Washington DC does anymore because of the Fake Drama, Cameras & Script Writers is CREATE A PROBLEM, Make it WORSE & Talk, Talk Talk, Talk Talk, Talk & Talk it to DEATH….Meanwhile Back at the Ranch AMERICANS play the Blame, Blame, Blame GAME…its Now Never-ending….I’d place Bets you can Hear Speeches & Media Propaganda Shows on MARS….

AMERICA’S Best Days may well lie ahead of us, but it will be DESPITE of the IGNORANT BASTARDS Running or correct me Ruining this Once Prosperous Land ….Meanwhile The Not-So-Silent “Coup d’état” Continues….Tune in the Same time Tomorrow, for the Same Old Rehashed, Recycled CRAP that that only a IGNORANT FOOL could believe….There are approximately 300 million People of the Sub-Humanoid Species walking this land….I wonder how many of them Can Change their Own Diapers….Hell for that matter I’m surprised they can BREATHE on their own ….Never-mind, no one cares other wise we wouldn’t bee in this mess, would we?….

It should be obvious that the “Divide In America” has never been Greater! Lets also be honest is this assessment, “The Washington DC Criminal Corrupt Class” well they couldn’t he happier ….And the Faux, Fake, Phony Staged Rift between the Liberal Communist Democrats & the RINO Republicans is Nothing more than “A Crime Family” fighting over who Controls What, Where & for How Much…The American Public has been Conned into Believing this Government is NECESSARY to keep us “Safe From Harm!”  Nothing could be Further from the Truth….They Are & Will Always Be Freedoms Greatest Enemy….So by all means,”Enjoy Your Servitude” keep telling yourself its getting better because, “It Ain’t Happening” without another Revolution…So just keep on Dying a little everyday & remember to Say & Do Nothing…We’ve Dug Our Own Graves!


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