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In today’s world, America Specifically it’s not about “What You Know, But Who You Know!” Meanwhile all we ever get with with our “Political Drama” of the moment, is GRANDSTANDING …Every time a Camera starts rolling you can bet your life you’re fixing to Hear an “Editorial” & you could likely bet it’ll be an “Editorial” espousing the Liberal, Socialist, Fascist, Nazi Communist “Point Of View”….Allow me to say this, AMERICA who fought TWO major wars (WWI, WWII) & supposedly “Won” sure is Knee Deep in Commies Masquerading as Liberals or Progressives!….

Think about it for a second, our Schools are FULL of Liberal Socialist Professors/Teachers & the Media….well Hitler & Goebbels would be Proud of today’s MEDIA…They have Fulfilled every Hope, Wish, Dream that the NAZI Regime envisioned….PROPAGANDA FACTORIES EXTRAORDINAIRE!…And if you ever read the books by HUXLEY & ORWELL, well their Visions of what this World would become were pretty much “Spot On!” And if you want to throw in the old line “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” well there you have it….or “You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows”-B Dylan…Read between the lines folks…its all there…

And while I know I’m an Ancient Relic From the what the Liberals would call the “Neanderthal Era” can you tell me ONE DAMN Thing this Government has Gotten Right, since WWII.?..Let’s use an old Cliche/term here “EVERYTHING’S BROKEN” & you know who broke it? This should be Easy to Answer…THIS GOVERNMENT….Lets use another Cliche here, “How Do You Put The Genie Back Into The Bottle?” Well you don’t or can’t when the BOTTLES been smashed to SMITHEREENS by every Useless Tool, Fool, Urchin, Bastard & Parasite this “Messianic (Evil) Government has Working For them & against you or me….

Everyone’s trying to Chime, Rhyme & Write The By-Lines about the TRUMP or FLYNN Wiretapping fiasco….Lets keep it Simple here & I’ll ask this Question; Who is this Government, the Deep State (NSA, CIA) not LISTENING TO….Hell they’re listening to everyone….They Know when your Sleeping, they know when your Awake, they know when you’ve been Bad Or Good, oh for goodness sakes …You better watch out…yada, yada, get the drift I think.. SECOND QUESTION though is this; What are they doing with the Info or data? And then ask yourself this, WHO are they REALLY PROTECTING? Just Follow the MONEY….If you hear a KaChing, KaChing you just might be getting CLOSE……

Corruption is just another Racket (no were not playing Tennis) ….Criminals these days come in TWO FORMS….The MAFIA types in Prison (or Not) & Our Pristine Sanctimonious Hypocritical Narcissistic Ego-Driven THUGS wearing Silk Suits in Washington DC & Every State & City Government I the USA…And before you JUMP, I’ll admit there are a FEW out there TRYING to do the RIGHT THING…but they are Few & Far Between …The Prevailing Winds are UGLY…And I know I’ve said this before MANY Times, but there is a “Coup d’état”happening in Washington DC….ONE BY ONE the Commies are going for the THROAT of anyone who Opposes them ..And By & Large that done by EXTORTION or BRIBERY & that My Friends is what the TRUE DUTY is these days for those Working for the DEEP STATE (NSA & CIA) …They Want & Need All of the “DIRTY LAUNDRY” they can Find on their Enemies….So when you Hear about Alcohol, Drugs, Sex Orgies, Pedophilia, Homosexuality in the “District Of Corruption ” that’s the Source of the INFO…Another term to use is ESPIONAGE….They Do It Well….All we’ve heard Lately is about the RUSSIANS & the CHINESE Hackers…come-on-now…we are doing the same thing to Them…but our boys are more concerned about you & me than them….Its a Sorry State We Living In…isn’t it?

And if you want to add ‘Insult To Injury” remember Americans have practiced for DECADES (Via Training) this thing some call “Selective Amnesia”…that’s part & parcel of the Hate/Blame Game…The Only Game in Town it seems…We should be ASHAMED , but we aren’t & that’s sad….Has our Conformity into Narcissism been the Final Nail into our Coffin? Its sure as hell not helping us is it? And WHOA , if you have a Different Opinion, a Thought of your own & worse you PRACTICE it….GET READY….They will come after you with every Damn Tool they have at their infinite Disposal ….

LAWYERS , GUNS & MONEY make today’s world go round…They like Politicians don’t really make anything…But they can Make a Lie sound like the Truth & make the Truth sound like a Impossible Lie…Ain’t it Wonderful…You can thank a Damn Liberal for it…its their Contribution to this Lovely Picturesque America we live in….Something akin to a Muslim Excrement Hole & A Totalitarian Police State…


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