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Here it is a Weekend Spring like day in the latter half of March….Some trees are slowly starting to bud, your not quite sure if you put up the Winter Clothing or just leave them out….The winter was just mild enough that the WEEDS are getting a “More Than Healthy Run” on our yards & the Coffee either is or was brewing….Its just another Ordinary Weekend Day in what used to be called “America!!”Now you can if you wish “Turn On The TV & listen to the FAUX NEWS , which incidentally was just Scripted, Rehearsed & then Taped for Posterity …Lord Knows we want to made sure all the Future Generations of “Ill-Formed Nit-Wits , High-Flying Ignorant Fools to know all of their Phony History (Hysterical) moments, memories passing into the Distance or Annals Of Time ! Well that’s enough of that Damning, Dooming Picturesque Scenario..let’s move on to the Meat & Potatoes of the Week …

The North Korean Leader (Brat-Idiot) has had Bowel Movements again so he’s testing the Nuclear Waters , Missiles & Flexing his “Stomach Craps” again & again! What can you say other than Conclude that OBAMA’S Rhetorical Flatulence, just as with IRAN didn’t WORK the way it was SOLD to the the American Public Pawn , oh wait maybe I should have used PEON instead of…Pardon! And CHINA our BANKER ignores all of it…Hell China OWNS our Debt & George Soros OWNS the all of the Politicians in Washington DC….Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave!

We found out that via WIKILEAKS the CIA & NSA can hack our or anyone’s COMPUTERS & make it “Look Like The RUSSIANS Did It”….And the RUSSIANS are pushing back & trying to confirming that ….The “He Said, She Said Game” continues forever it seems…I don’t know about you, but all of this Redundant Excrement Put out  by the “Solely-Owned (LIBERAL) Ministry Of Propaganda…Drum roll please…..”The MEDIA”…Is BORING Me ..


Did all of the FLUNKIE Script Writers from the “Soap Operas” write all this CRAP…”Day’s Of Our Lives in Washington” …Well one things for certain, we have a Bumper Crop” of BAD DRAMA QUEENS…they are Everywhere….Well we don’t have to worry YET , as far as I know they haven’t started an “AWARD SHOW for BAD ACTING or SCRIPTS!” Promises, promises promises!

Being a “BABY BOOMER” all this makes me appreciate & yearn for the Days when we actually had FUN all-the-while watching Saturday Morning Programming on TV….OH whatever happened to “Buffalo Bob & Howdy Doody Show”…We saw & Witnessed REAL PUPPETEERS & MARIONETTES in those “Golden Days Of Yesteryear” not all these Shallow Heartless very Bad Actors that can’t even memorize lines…if its not written on a TelePrompTer forget it …

Well so much for that “Meandering Spiel” ..We now live in a “I GOT MINE” World & this Delusional UTOPIAN Hype…that’s something the OTHER GUY PAYS for with his/her TAXES…The Elite’s, it seems are only HIRED to TALK IT TO DEATH & give, not a chance !…..Everyday from the Liberal Communists in the Media & Politicians we are told & we are Blasted with a 24/7 EULOGY…And they SELL a CURE that’s Worse than the Problem we already have….Lets look at it this way….The “Good Ship Lollipop” is Sinking….LIBERALS just want to DRILL more Holes….

We are losing this War VICARIOUSLY, because we have become indifferent, numb, calloused & apathetic…The SEEDS of Communism, that we see today were planted more than 100 years ago…Go read some history , it’s all there…We all have been Programmed, Trained into a Behavior of Hate, Fear, Paranoia, Envy & Jealousy…What we see & hear all around us, the chaos, the anarchy are the Results…You can DENY it all you want, but its nonetheless TRUE….

We all seem to WANT what we Perceive the other Guy as having, WHY?…Training….And Who is it that benefits, those who control us ? I grew up on a SMALL Farm in North Texas, we were poor by all standards…A medium sized family of 6 with a Grand Mother who lived with us in the early years …Frame Home, no AC no Central Heat, One Telephone, One Television, maybe Two Radios , one old Used Car & One Old Used Pickup Truck…We NEVER Went Without anything….We weren’t Programmed to have the “Forgone Conclusions” that we Needed More, More, More….I put myself through College, I played in Rock & Roll & Country Bands as a Guitarist till I was in My Mid Thirties….I’m still a POOR MAN are far are Material Wealth goes …But lets make this CLEAR…I’d rather be who I am, poor & Comfortable than have the WEALTH of the Self-Righteous Bastards that have Absolutely RUINED everything that was Good (Not Perfect), Honest & Fair about AMERICA…

I’ve always tried to take a “Simplistic View” of this World…And yes at this Point in my Life, I am a Cynic , I am also Pragmatic or Realistic….I was always told that My Freedom STOPPED at the End of Another’s Nose…In other words, “Live & Let Live”….having said that you SCREW ME , well I’m not real good at this Forgiving thing….And that’s the WAY I see this Government….They Have Screwed this THING up for all of us who still have a Small Grasp of what Reality Is or Was; Everyone else is a Programmed Idiot / fool…..

This Unprincipled Government is USING every damn one of us…..We buy the Hate & Blame Game & then Sell what’s left of our Souls for our Narcissistic Sociopath like Trained Reasoning ….They WIN every damn time…WE Lose every damn time…These So-Called Little victories are mostly STAGED…This is WAR & not its not the Russians, Chinese or the Iranians ….The Perception Of Freedom is not Freedom at all…..Cows on a FEED LOT think they are Free, that is until they’re Slaughtered ….

So while we were too busy trying to Work, pay off Debt, Putting the Kids through Useless Schools, Watching Mindless Useless programing on Television or otherwise “WHILE WE WERE DOING NOTHING” there was a War being Fought for Truth, Knowledge & Freedom ….We seem to be losing….And Most People Could CARE LESS….The Ship we are all SAILING in has “Dry Rot” in many places & the “Termites” Liberals are Feasting on the Shell..


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