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Are you one of the few that get up in the morning, smiley faced, ginned up & ready to take on “The World” & all of the Infinite problems, challenges, issues that are real, imagine or conger-ed ? Or is it your more like the rest of us going, where’s the Coffee, I’m Running Late, Traffic Sucks, Car Needs Gas all the while screaming “It’s Another Manic Monday?” Well I’m in last group , not prepared, not ready, barely willing & just going “Through The Motions” because I/we need the MONEY……….. Promises, promises, promises or is it “The Rise & Fall Of Nothingness ?”

Oh Well, using an old George Harrison line, “Here We Are In The Material World,” because living or trying to make it a “Spiritual World” in modern-day AMERICA is just not Cool, Vogue, In & is mostly Taboo & Scorned….In other words unless you Subscribe to the “Liberal News Letter, Lifestyle & live in the Perpetual Utopian Villa, you’ll live your life in Chains & Prison….You know, while I am not a Catholic, does Tolerating, putting up with, Listening too & not Killing Liberals amount to being a Confessional that comes with an equivalency of an Attainment & 10, 20,30 or 100 Hail Mary’s? I guess I’m just Wishing , Hoping & Praying….And BINGO it’s not Quite yet been OUTLAWED???

There are still a few of us walking around, Coherent , marginally Sane that were born after WORLD WAR II..In our lifetimes we saw America put a Man On The Moon, the JFK Assassination, Nikita Khrushchev give his famous U.N. Speech,McCarthyism. we saw the Cold War Begin, the Berlin Wall, Vietnam, The Korean War, Martin Luther King Marches & his Assassination,Castro & Cuba, the Berkeley Riots, The Beatles, Rolling Stones & Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll….Oh & I almost left out NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION…Don’t you remember the Drills at High School; the crawl under the DESK or go to the Basement thing….Like that was going to save us…NOT…

And later on we saw at least to some degree the RUSSIAN hold on the world decline or diminish … Remember Boris Yeltsin standing in front of & stopping Russian Tanks? All of this happened long before MUSLIMS making their Move to Populate the World..Not withstanding the Shah Of Iran being overthrown & KHOMEINI coming into power…circa 1979….

As far as it goes & speaking from my point of view, I believe the Russians & later the Chinese who both had NUKES would likely Never use them because they KNEW we would retaliate….But here is where it starts getting CRAZY….The Crazies Emerage….North Korea being one, but at that moment the Chinese held them in “check” …not so anymore with the New Idiot Child North Korean Leader…..

We’ve also witnessed (because of Liberalism,Communism) the PUSSIFICATION Of AMERICA & in particular WASHINGTON DC….We no longer want WARS, so we Vicariously Surrender by DOING NOTHING & With Drawing from the WORLD’S STAGED EVENTS…And while this Culture, Society continues with its Narcissist Obsessions of Me, Me, Me. Now…The World Stage has gotten WORSE than at anytime since WWII….

The Russians (via Putin) have emerged now Stronger, the Chinese have done the Same, Iran wants to become a PLAYER (NUKES) , North Korea is passing Gas too (Flatulence)…but we sat on our ass while they developed a BOMB… Do you want to ADD all the other Problems we LET get worse like IRAQ, SYRIA, PAKASTAN ….Tell me again LIBERALS how the PUSSIFICATION Of AMERICA has made us all BETTER….

So all the While the LIBERALS were “Seemingly” Fighting WARS over Restrooms & Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transsexual RIGHTS what was REALLY Happening was a WAR over the FUTURE of AMERICA ( if there even is one) was being fought & most AMERICANS hadn’t/haven’t a CLUE about it…

Because in part of the Computer Age, we have a Wealth of Knowledge literally at our Fingertips, but because we are Lazy, Apathetic,Ill-Prepared ,Careless & for some of us IN DEBT up to our ASS we don’t Pay Attention to the REAL PROBLEMS…However ALL the Superficial ones that get Talked to Death, Paraded, Masked by the LOSERS in Washington D.C. & the Communist Liberal Progressive UNBIASED (not) MEDIA get Pushed, Shoved & Thrust upon us like it’s all Life & Death….Well the LIFE & DEATH Part does apply to AMERICA’S continued Existence but the REAL WAR is not with Russia, China, Korea, Iran or ISIS ….Much less LGBT, Women’s,Race or Religion….The WAR is with the OLIGARCHY that’s taken over this GOVERNMENT (Washington) & most of the other’s in Europe…..

Those who Control Us (the Oligarchy) want a ONE WORLD Government & that was in part what WWI & WWII were both about…but alas, we don’t revisit History anymore ,do we? We don’t TEACH “Real History” anymore, do we? We don’t talk about REAL PROBLEMS , let alone Solutions anymore, do we? We don’t do anything anymore that’s Positive , do we? When you have TRAINED MONKEY’S as Parents, Communist Liberal Professors as Teachers, a Propaganda Machine that Would make every NAZI (past, present or future) Jealous , well what do you have? ANSWER:The Overthrow of an Empire from Within ….And no oneĀ seems to give a damn…

I have a very hard time believing AMERICA’S best days still lie ahead…If they do it will be DESPITE of the Ever-Present Evil that RUNS Washington DC….The Olden Days that we all grew up in were hard, but simplistic! The FAMILY UNIT hadn’t yet been destroyed by the Bankers & the Government….Schools still prepared you for either College or the Work Force….There was NO such thing as “Political Correctness”…Respect was Earned…Knowledge was Earned….And to some degree TRUTH was “Understood” & didn’t have to be “Defended” …Heroes were everyday people who did the RIGHT THING because it was not only Right but more Rewarding to Give, Spread & Show your Kindness & Love of Life…..Those were ” THE DAYS OF WINE & ROSES”….Those LITTLE things are what’s missing in today’s HATE FILLED Drug Induced Coma we seem to be in …Is this “Hotel California”…where you can Check in, but Never Check Out? You tell me…..Remember HISTORY is Written by the VICTORS…


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