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Somewhere in between the Sounds of Sirens, Groans, Moans, Grunts, Liberal Stunts, Idiots you’d love to Punch , Horse Play, Horse Shit, Liberals that won’t Quit throwing “Snit Fits,”Losers, Boozers, Abusers Jail Birds, Black birds, Blue Birds , Animals still with Fur & Eyes that now only see Blurs, there used to be a Land Where the Buffalo Roamed, the Bald Eagle Soared & Indians Settled……It was once Called AMERICA , it was once the Symbol For Freedom & the basic Right “To Be Or Not To Be” as you choose fit…..

Well wherever the ___ that place is now, no one knows & few if any care! I’ve heard there Might be an “Archaeological Dig” happening around what was RUMORED to be the CAPITOL of AMERICA , called Washington DC & sadly from the Early reports all they’ve Found is “16 TONS OF EXCREMENT!” There was another “Archaeological Dig” on the “Other Side of the RIVER, where they Found what they Thought Erroneously were Human SKULLS, but the Cavities showed however there was NO EVIDENCE of a BRAIN ever inhabiting that Empty Skull, Balderdash ….

Isn’t it SAD that Future Generations will NEVER find out what brought on the Plague Of Ignorance that Destroyed a once Profitable, Enlightening, Dream Filled Promising UTOPIA…..They Apparently Destroyed all their real History & then they Substituted Allegories full of Hyperbole’s,Innuendos, Fairy-Tales that Swayed, Twisted, Badgered , Bribed & Extorted for the “END GAME” or “END RESULT” Think about it, what does it tell you about a Country That Was Rumored o have 300 MILLION Inhabitants, not counting or withstanding all the ZOOS & PRISONS…..That Throws all Evidence or Facsimile thereof away Down the Toilet….And yes I also heard it might have been on the DESTROYED HARD DRIVE a Former Liberal Communist Candidate named “Heartless Hillary Clinton” had on her Computer….as they say , only God Knows The Real Truth , The Whole Truth So Help….I think you get the Drift ….

Why would this country, “America” do this to itself? Whatever happened to the Instinct for Survival ? Wasn’t that ONCE a Human/Animal Shared Characteristic ? Didn’t the Animals as well as the CAVE MEN run away from Earthquakes, Mountain Eruptions & Lava Flows…Or maybe you could ask yourself this , were they really of the HUMAN Species? Maybe they were Evolving LEMMINGS that Reverted to their PRIMAL Instincts & RAN/JUMPED off the Frigging Mountain Playing FOLLOW the USELESS Leader Game….

And in another Bazaar Behavior they exhibited was they were seemingly mostly Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian or Transsexual….The only way they REPRODUCED was TEST TUBES….Maybe that Accounts for the Utopian State Of Ignorance Of Stupidity they lived, rather EXISTED in….Oh well That Kind Of Science I can do Without….what’s the Rhyme of Reasons behind ALL of this unless DEPOPULATION Was the Ultimate GOAL…..

Which begs to ask this question; Why Does Civilization (using the term loosely) always end up Destroying itself? Why do we FIGHT WARS only to Surrender to  Cultural Death later? Is this what the Shrinks (FREUD’S) of the world call “Self-Hate?” Why are we Ashamed of Who we are, What we Learned, Where we Came From, What our Dreams are, What our Prayers are about , Who we loved, Why we Love, Why we should Care or not Care? I honestly don’t understand….No One Is PERFECT…let it go…..But the Things that are Different about EACH ONE OF US is what makes you & me UNIQUE…..SHOULDN’T that be Celebrated rather than Scorned….I don’t & Never did Worry about Conformity & yes it should be Obvious I am totally committed to “Non-Conformity”…so what? “FITTING IN” is in no way the same thing as a “ONE SIZE FITS ALL WORLD” that Governments in Every Universe & Every Galaxy want…Thank you, but I see that as SLAVERY ….So why become a Prisoner of ANY World , yours or theirs….


One of my Favorite Authors was Robert Heinlein, one book comes to mind here, “Stranger In A Strange Land” …well he couldn’t have said it more SUCCINCTLY….Jim Morrison (The Doors) hat a Hit with a Song Titled “People Are Strange…..But “WHAT A STRANGE PLACE THIS IS” now…..This is Not Paradise, it is not Utopia, it is not Nirvana, it just might be Purgatory & if LIBERALS have their way it will slip into the Abyss Of Hell ….

What can I say, may your Travels be A-Plenty  & Burdens be Light….but a STORM is A-BREWING ….Beware of Land Mines & Traps set by the Government

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.
From a headstone in Ireland



We’ve no desire to Think for ourselves
Our Thoughts are no longer our on
We have no intention to ever Learn
We have to desire to Understand -anything
We can no longer Reason
Communication is conveying “Degrees of Hate”
Kindness is considered a Weakness
Love has evolved into LUST
Forgone conclusions are Implanted Subliminal Suggestions
Quantity has become Quality
Gender (Sex) Multiple Choice (D for all of the above)
Hate has become the Nation Pastime
SCHOOLS teach nothing
Diplomas are Meaningless & therefore Worthless
Imagery, Illusions, Delusions & Optics are Manufactured Realities
TRUTH officially DIED in 1963 (JFK Assassination)
We’ve Lost the Capacity to “Solve Problems”
Ambition has been replaced with/by Apathy
Meaning has been replaced with Meaningless
Individually is Forbidden & Scorned
Faith has been Destroyed by Hopelessness
Drugs are used to Alter & Control your/our Moods
Entertainment is Propaganda Programing
Real FAMILIES are soon to become Extinct
We are TAUGHT & therefore Play Games To LOSE
We SUGARCOAT Lies, to make all this Palatable
We no longer LIVE, we EXIST
We TRUST People that would/will KILL us for Sport


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