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Another day, another day in Debt,another day Wasted, Confused, Abused , not Amused , feeling the Blues ,Bewildered, sometimes Helpless to change, rearrange , enlighten, understand what in the hell happened to Sanity, Reason & Rhyme in this Chaotic Delusional World…I know other Governments around the World have their own versions of the “Dog & Pony Show,” “Political Theater” or “Theater Of The Absurd” but do theirs Even Compare with the Scripted Dramas & Drama Queens come straight out of a Loony Bin, Insane Asylum that are Located just on the Outskirts of the “Twilight Zone” & in this Case WASHINGTON DC…What the hell do I know, “I’m Just A Singer In a R & R Band”…Well if I didn’t know better I’d swear that RAY BRADBURY could have wrote this Script , this Story line by line…Crap I hope he didn’t leave behind any Eulogies or Epitaphs….

Whether you’re a Fool, Idiot, Lobotomized or not you’d have to REALIZE this is a Police State, Surveillance State & a Sorry State we are in, that is if your Cognitive Abilities are still Within You or Without You…And lets he honest here they’ve been at it for DECADES….Even those who “Could Care Less” kind of understand what the FEDERAL Agencies the FBI, CIA & the NSA do for a Living….They SPY & they do it well….And their REACH is everywhere….Their Tentacles, Their Fingers & Their Webs go into places never heard of….

The SPY Games main purpose is to Gather Information…There ARE likely VAULTS in & around the country that STORE all this DATA & likely Backed up Many times to boot….Surviving The Spy game is always about “Covering You Ass!” There is an old saying “DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES”….that is not always necessarily True…..Regardless of how its twisted & told, just Get it on Film, Get It Recorded & Back it Up & Back It Up & Back It Up….The SPY GAME is not Necessarily about Destroying or Killing your ENEMY….The Best Plan devised is usually CONTROLLING them….Extortion is the Tool they Use to RULE over their MARKS…Then They can Pretty well get them to Do Any Damn Thing they Want Them to do…..And therein lies the “Tie That Binds” Criminals….

The Fake, Faux, Phony TWO-PARTY Political System in this country (and no better than any other country)I is a Farce , a Con , a Charade or a Masquerade to make it LOOK like we/you/me have CHOICES….And yes we do in fact have Choices, all BAD Ones or mostly so…Political GRAFT is not just about Money, its about influence & Power….This Government Created these SPY AGENCIES not just to SPY on the Russians, Chinese or Iranians…they are MOSTLY Used to SPY on Everyone who WORKS for this government….STARTING with the 537 we supposedly Elect…..

Let me use an example; back in WWI & WWII spy’s were ALWAYS looking for “DIRTY LAUNDRY” to use & Extort & Bribe with….Catch someone in Power “Banging a Prostitute” & the Lights, Cameras & Tape Records are Rolling…..But Catch someone having a “Homosexual Affair” & wow you had someone hooked for life….Well that’s more or less the SAME GAME they’ve played for DECADES in our/your Federal Government….DIRTY LAUNDRY sells, its the Goal & Scripts used to GET WHAY YOU WANT….A Vote, Money, a Favor…you get the drift I’m sure….

I have heard or DECADES that Just like Hollywood, that Washington DC has the same things they Want & Need hidden Forever from the public View….And just like ANCIENT Rome, Pompeii its all about the SPOILS of Narcissism & Self-Righteousness…Follow the Money, it will lead you to SEX & DRUGS every damn time And again like Hollywood, Washington DC has a HUGE “Pedophilia Problem”….If you know Roman History CALIGULA & NERO… Well this is true to form , its predictable & its SICK AS HELL … An its ongoing….You don’t hear about this because those who Talk will DIE, or they’re in on it …

Lets jump forward to our LAST ELECTION….The Liberals in POWER (Soros, Obama etc) thought they had it RIGGED, BUT to cover their Ass they started SPYING on their Enemies…It’s a Version of Cover Your Ass Plan….So they started SPYING on TRUMP & from what I understand CRUZ & CARSON….Then they started creating different versions of a PLAN B if they should Screw it up & Lose….And SIMULTANEOUSLY the Russians Hacking Hillary & the DNC Story broke…Lets try to be honest here HILLARY & PODESTA both had bigger TIES to RUSSIA than anyone in the Trump Group,,,BUT NO ONE DARES GO THERE & LIVE TO TALK ABOUT IT…

THE SURPRISE, would be if the DEEP STATE weren’t doing SURVEILLANCE on Trump….Hell they know everything else….They can Turn on ANY Phone or Computer Microphone & Camera….They Can use Imaging on Smart TV’s to watch you ..They can put MALWARE on Computers & make it look like the RUSSIANS hacked your INFO….. Do you remember a Tom Cruse movie called “Minority Report?” If that’s a reality “THEY EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING!” Sure as hell wouldn’t surprise me….

While I hope there are still some in WASHINGTON that can be TRUSTED But I don’t trust any of the Damn Snakes & Skunks….Did I just hear the Voice of ROD SERLING or was it ALFORD HITCHCOCK?

What butter and whiskey won’t cure, there is no cure for.
Irish Saying


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