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Stating the “more than obvious” it takes a “Special kind of Stupid Ignorance to elect the Politicians that Control you, Con you, Lie to you, Sell you out like your we’re nothing short of Being SLAVES..Why are we drawn like a “Moth To A Flame” to A Criminal Class of SOCIOPATH, who’d sell you out for money, influence, they’ll Murder you, Skin your HIDES even after making SOAP (Hitler-Jews)….They Shame us, Badger us, Abuse us, turn us into institutional Whores or Prostitutes, & sell you The Ridiculous Notion your Free….Free to do what Pray Tell? ANSWER: PAY TAXES & DO AS THEY COMMAND..We Pay Taxes, State Federal & Local, we pay Taxes at the Food Stores, the Wally Worlds, The Movies we see, the Music we Buy or Download, the Cafes or Bars we frequent…And if its not TAXED , its Regulated & that in turn not only COSTS you in Higher Prices, It may well Rob people Out of their JOBS ….Which may put more People on GOVERNMENT WELFARE which is FUNDED by your TAXES …..What part of STUPID don’t the Fools, Government Mules, Useful Tools not FRIGGING Understand……It a DAMN CIRCLE game , the CYCLE goes on into Infinity….

They Tax your Car, they Tax your Gasoline, they Tax your Income, they Tax the Home you Sleep in Every Night, They Tax the Internet, They Tax your Cable/Satellite Television, There is a Tax on your Sewage, They Tax the Water you Drink….And let me REMIND you there is a “DEATH TAX”….And what do “We The People” get for all this PLUNDER we Surrender in some form now with every Damn Second that goes by & every Damn breath we take?…..

We get the MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT your hard earned Money can Buy! Or maybe its BRIBE who the Hell Knows anymore? ….We get the HONOR & PRIVILEGE of paying these Damn “Oligarchs” To jet from Coast to Coast, Go To Europe, take Vacations in Hawaii , Go to the SKY RESORTS in the Winter, Drink the Finest of Wines, Champagnes, 5 STAR Meals, the Best DRUGS (Illegal or legal), Weed, Cocaine, Opium & HIGH DOLLAR Prostitutes, Male, Female , Transsexual, Lesbian & Gay….Whatever the Hell they WANT, they GET, with OUR DAMN MONEY…I could go on but why , you either Get the Drift or you’re on of the IDIOTS that don’t GIVE a damn about anything…Too Stupid to Care….

If you’re a TAX PAYER you get to PAY for all of the “Fringe Benefits” that this WELFARE STATE has created….This Government (LIBERALS) figured out long ago that to KEEP their “Hold On Power” they needed to CREATE A CLASS of ADDICTIONS…..Those came in the Form of Food Stamps, Government Housing & Government Socialized Medical-Care….If you LOOK beyond the Obvious that SOME people do indeed need good Genuine Help, its actually a BRIBE ….For a VOTE…. How does a Drug Dealer get someone addicted o their Products…..They Give it to them in the BEGINNING…..Then once they become Addicts, well they can be turned into anything the DEALER NEEDS……

Everything this Government Meddles in or Touches is an “Absolute Failure”….But what if I said this Challenging Thought? Maybe FAILURE was the INTENT the whole time….They then get to Perpetuate a Nonsensical Notion they can FIX it…Yes fixing it with another PLANNED FAILURE…And they also get to PLAY one of their Favorite GAMES, BLAME their ENEMIES….Well as for what it’s worth, these PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENICS see everyone as their Enemy, oh & by the way there is Unbridled HATE within that Fixation ….

The Part here I DO NOT UNDERSTAND is why so many fall for the GOVERNMENT CON…..We need this Government like we need CANCER….Think You, I’ll pass on that notion …..All Governments, Civilizations , Kingdoms ALL, “Rise & Fall”….America is no Exception …And if you WANT to think, pretend & Delude yourself into that this is just a Hiccup or that the “World is constantly Changing” Well go on & God Speed Into The Never Never Land….But seriously that is the most “Preposterous Notion ” I’ve ever heard…..This AIN’T Never going to become UTOPIA…And if you Believe that Drivel your still getting LSD Flashbacks from your College days (Daze)

For the Most part the “Family Unit” is dead….Schools no longer TEACH , they TRAIN the Behavior….Television & to a lesser extent Radio is not here to ENTERTAIN you….They are Mostly TOOLS used to Reinforce Behavior…In Reality it’s just Propaganda with Pretty Subliminal Pictures….And Governments who REGULATE all of the above are not only “Partners In Crime” Know it & Plan for it, Scheme for it…..

In America we have about 300 million people, we have 537 people we elect (supposedly) to serve like Family Lawyers to Look out for our BEST INTERESTS, Ha, Ha, Ha….And while I don’t know the RAW NUMBERS, there are more People in America Employed by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT than are in the Normal Work Force…Do you remember going out to the PLAY GROUND & getting on the “Teeter-Totter ” (SEE-SAW)…well if one was a Fat Kid & the other Skinny….well it didn’t Balance did it…..

AMERICA’S biggest Issue or Problem is in FACT Money…..This Governments Spends money like a DRUNK, COKED up Whore at MACY’S…..When was the Last Time they Had a “Balanced Budget?” DECADES AGO…..We aren’t even on the GOLD STANDARD….And we haven’t been for Decades……Ask yourself this Question; why is it so HARD to STOP Addictions like Drugs or Alcohol? Well #1 most WON’T Admit they have a Problem & #2 even if some try to QUIT, it’s Too Damn Easy to CHEAT!

For the Most part we have now a Society, a Culture of “Enabler’s”….And the ADDICTS now come in THOUSANDS of forms….Your Senator, your Congressman. Those living on WELFARE that have no REAL Need for it, the Youth of this Now Brain Dead Nation…who can’t add, read, write (Functional Illiterates) & have no DESIRE to Work….ever….And Now THOUSANDS of Refugees FLEEING from Wars we help Start & those Leaving Mexico hoping for a better life…..I’m sympathetic to the SPANISH , they don’t really want a Free Ride….But all the Other Do, screw them! So in my view GOVERNMENT & IGNORANCE-(AN OXYMORON.) a given, I guess it takes one to Know one….They are all LOSERS!…Sadly we All Lose In the End,,,,

This Journey is getting Treacherous, there are Snakes on the Side of the Road & the Hourglass is getting low….


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