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I guess the older we get the more we get “Hung Up” & “Reflect”on our past … To use an often used term or idea its the, “Our Legacy” that many seem to obsess over…We all do it & I’m guilty of it myself….I honestly think most of us wanted to Leave This World knowing or thinking we left it in a Better Shape than the one we inherited…Yes, we all wanted to Fulfill all our Hopes, Dreams, Wish’s & Prayers but we wanted to GIFT that Knowledge, that Wisdom, that Truth as well as the “Material Things” to Those SPECIAL FEW that stood by us, not only on our Good Days , but also on the BAD DAYS we’d rather forget….More often or not that was usually ordained to Our Families, Our Love’s & The Truest of Friends….And I believe we all wanted to feel like at least in the “Worst Case Scenario” that we “DID NO HARM!” By that I mean we didn’t make it worse…..

How many of us look at our life, this live with that type of Reflection? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t….But then again I was LUCKY enough to be born into a LOVING Family….We were POOR by today’s standards…My Family was a CHRISTIAN Family & yes we Practiced it & we Lived it…This was a period right after WORLD WAR II, It was a HOPEFUL  & Promising time in America…Most People Felt BLESSED, not Oppressed….We Stood Up when we Sang the National Anthem, We said the Pledge Of Allegiance with our “Hands Over Our Hearts!” We said the”The Lord’s Prayer” as well as other Prayers in School….And NOT ONCE did we ever feel ASHAMED about being Christian, Moral ,Proud or being Poor….NO-ONE ever made a BIG DEAL over it….

I’ll be the FIRST to admit those Days were ‘Far From Perfect” …Those were Hard Days & Times….But for everything we Didn’t have, the Love of FAMILY more than “Compensated” for it….And yes we all knew there were RICH KIDS in our High School Classes, but Honestly Nobody Cared! Speaking for myself MONEY never has been “The Driving Force” in my Life….And in those Days the term QUALITY didn’t have such a HUGE Price Tag on it….I was Taught the Lesson that What Ever I Wanted could be mine, but the CAVEAT was thus, I had to WORK to obtain it….It mattered not if that Was Education, Cars, Clothing or the TOYS I loved to Play with, GUITARS…..If you wanted to do or be something or anything you just DID it….You didn’t look back…I played High School Sports, Football, Basketball, Ran Track, was on the Debate Team & when I was 15 I was in my FIRST Rock & Roll Band…I never ever saw myself as being that much different than the others I GREW UP WITH……But that’s not exactly the WAY IT IS ANYMORE, is it?

When I was in High School “JFK was Assassinated’ the Worthless Bigot LBJ took over….He escalated the “Vietnam War” he created the Greatest Con ever perpetuated on the African Americas…called “THE WAR ON POVERTY”….He was a Womanizer & he Hated Blacks…but no one Ever Talks About that do they….Revisionist History is a Damn Lie, isn’t it….And a few years later we had NIXON & WATERGATE…..While I did Not Like NIXON, I will admit this, he was Smart & he was Qualified but he had one big PECCADILLO (personality flaw) he was an an Alcoholic & became Paranoiac when he was INEBRIATED (Drunk) & those that he Surrounded him PLAYED HIM….And the rest is History & you can infer all the rest!

Having said all this, lets be honest here; this country was founded by VISIONARIES , not Messiahs….Real Leaders have Vision , they are Men of Action & they INSPIRE those around them….They LIFT, they do not Humiliate, Castigate, Demean or Demoralize those who follow….True Leadership is a Testament to Real Knowledge & Truth…I’m sorry but that TYPE of Man/Woman it seems is no longer Desired in this Narcissistic New World Order World we’ve evolved into! And what’s WORSE we don’t even Speak of them in the PAST TENSE…Really now, where are the Patton’s, the Pershing’s, the Common Man who Rose From Nothingness to Become Great Battlefield Generals? In today’s SICK World its Damn Near “FORBIDDEN” to mention their Names….Why world this Chaotic Anarchist filled Culture need that? Heavens don’t we already have 537 Messiahs (not counting those HIDING behind Closed Doors & Curtains) taking care of our every need….I’ve heard there’s talk about a SNOWFLAKE Program where the Government will Send someone out to CHANGE their DIRTY DIAPERS, Feed them by Spoon, Burp Them, put them on a LEASH & Walk them like the STUPID PET they’ve been Taught to Be…..WOW, Can It Actually Get Better Then This? Too Bad the IDIOT “Letterman’s Off the Air!

How can a Culture know where its Going, when it hasn’t a CLUE where its Been or much less Is, now? There is an ANSWER for this, its a resounding set-up for FAILURE, as if anyone really cares…most don’t…History or the Lessons held within, posses TRUTH, Wisdom & a PURSUIT of KNOWLEDGE….But this TYRANNICAL TOTALITARIAN Government in Washington DC cannot that IDEA to EVER come into its own! It seems going forward you’ll only be ALLOWED to Think you Think…..They HAVE to be the ONE’S in CONTROL (Totally)….You Cannot Serve for yourself, your God, you MUST Serve THEM The Only Master Allowed…

Now that the Hourglass, the Sands Of Time are running low for our LIVES? Will your Children’s,Children sit down & tell their Children the Story about AMERICA, the Forefathers, the Good, The Bad, the Imperfect & the Ugly? Will they understand there was once a right to Try To LIVE & FIND Your Dreams? That there was once an emotion called Love & Kindness….That you could Laugh, Cry, Smile, Run, Walk, Play, Enjoy without a REASON have to JUSTIFY it to this DAMN USELESS GOVERNMENT….Will they in effect be saying; “DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN?”

This is what our Legacy seems to be shaping up as….FAILURE….There Is More Hate & Racism TODAY than I have seen in my lifetime all together ….There is no real Men Of Knowledge left….Remember the Books/Movies “Logan’ Run” & “Fahrenheit 451?” Did you Read HUXLEY’S,” Brave New World” or ORWELL’S “1984′ or “Animal Farm” ….We trusted Government SOCIOPATHS with EVERYTHING & they Honesty can’t be TRUSTED with the Damn Time Of Day? We Failed & while some TRIED & Cared More than others, some didn’t try at all, they didn’t care….they were Born , Raised & Nurtured into IGNORANCE….

The common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that, but the seeing eye pierces through and reads the heart and the soul, finding there capacities which the outside didn’t indicate or promise, and which the other kind couldn’t detect.

MARK TWAIN, Joan of Arc

Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.


A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar.


It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either.



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